First of all, let’s make sure to talk about the number one way on how the coronavirus has affected us. Confinement. This is key, we have seen in other parts of the world. It is the best way at the moment to stop the spread and propagation of this virus. We are definitely not out of the woods, so we have to be patient and see how your business can generate revenue in this time of crisis.

How Coronavirus has affected your business

Confinement: You can’t meet your clients in person, it prevents you to conduct business as usual. You have to think of ways that technology can assist you in your business. A Fitness instructor can provide Remote Classes through the use of a scheduling/pay app. You are a Real Estate Agent, you can provide virtual home tours. With the technology and resources available at our fingertips, it is easier than ever before to maximize our confinement.

Online Shopping: If you sell products in a B2C model, keep in mind that your clients can’t leave their house, or soon won’t be able to… So they will need to shop online. Let’s see. Do you have an online store? Is it providing results? Can it do better? Now is the time to rethink it… Because if your potential clients cannot find you? or cannot purchase with ease you are losing business every minute.

How Coronavirus has affected our Business

We are using using technology to our advantage. With clients around the United States and the world, we are used to working remotely, so this has not changed much for us. We get out groceries delivered by Instacart ($10 coupon and free delivery if you use the link) – we use other online stores to get essentials delivered. That way we can stay in total individual confinement.

We are fully equipped to assist you with your technology questions, we are able to assist you remotely for all the activities you want to accomplish, and are able to work full hours to get your projects out in the shortest amount of time.

We also practice all the CDC/WHO suggested measures, so we can provide the best service to you in the safest way.

How we are able to assist you in these tough times

Simplifying Technology for you: We are using tools to simplify your approach to technology. Technology could easily be overwhelming. Implementing new tools in your business model could scare you, now most of them have very short learning curves. And yes, you can use them, doesn’t matter your age and if you are computer savvy, we are here to assist you along the way.

Remote Control of your computer: We use a tool that lets us log in your computer and you to see everything we do on it. Yes it is safe, you have to give us a password at the beginning of each session, therefore no one can log in your computer if they don’t have that password. Between this and a phone conversation or FaceTime, it’s just like if we were next to you, but without the risk of potential contamination.

Consolidating your technology systems: We realize that throughout the lifespan of your business, there has been a few different people adding new technology on top of another. Sometimes all those systems do not play well with each other. Our goal is to consolidate your systems with proven solutions. That way everything interacts altogether, and at the end of the day you will end up being more efficient and most likely spending less.

Audience Engagement: You have built relationships with clients for the time you have operated your business. You care about those clients, and they care about you. They value your relationship and they will be supporting you. Now is the time to offer them to support by engaging to marketing emails, social media posts.

Specific Activities we have assisted lately

Restaurants: We have been assisting multiple restaurants with their delivery and pickup activities, and to say the least, it has been doing great for them. Sometimes even a little too successful, which prompted them to adjust their logistics and organisation. But overall, total satisfaction with our system. We can get you setup to start selling online in around 24/48 hours.

Real Estate Agents: With the current situation, real estate agents have been looking at their digital presence. It has been tough for the ones who have been using sub-par solutions. Some are realizing the results that are provided by our Showcase IDX powered solutions, and are switching to our IDX powered websites that provide unmatched Google coverage. We can get you setup with the system within a week. Now is the time to maximize your efficiency when it comes to Search Engine.

E-Commerce: We are here to assist you to develop the e-commerce side of your business. Could it be setting up the online sales channel from scratch, develop your activity, engaging your audience and community to purchase. Since the crisis started, we helped a client of ours generate over $8k of gift cards online purchases in one week.

In Conclusion, we went through a few topics on how the Coronavirus has affected us. How it has affected our businesses and our way of life. The upcoming weeks and months will be challenging to say the least. Let’s be strong, stay at home, and use the technology for what it does best. Wishing you all to be healthy. Looking forward to meet in person when all this is behind us.

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