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January 31, 2020 1

You are a San Diego real estate agent, and you are looking to up your increase the traffic of your website. You also want to create an audience to optimize your conversion rate. The Triple threat use of Real Estate Content Marketing will allow you to maximize your SEO and feed your Social Media Feeds with conversion options.

Basics of Content Marketing

When you think about content marketing, you are seeing yourself in something complicated. On the other hand when someone tells you about blog you see an teenager doing a makeup tutorial. At the end of the day, it is the exact same thing, it all depends how you use it, and how you configure it. Which means if you are using your blog with conversion tools, and broadcast it to your social media accounts, then you are entering the realm of content marketing.

Real Estate Content Marketing

As a real estate agent you have multiple ways of promoting your services and differentiating yourself from your many competitors on your market. Let’s first look at something simple. There are different type of viewers of your articles. Some visitors will be represented by a realtor (not you), and some will not be represented. The different goals within your marketing strategy can bring to you different levels of engagement. You can gather interest in your listings by potential buyers as well as other realtors. You can also gather buying or selling leads, that are not represented.

How to attract buyers to your listing

When you are trying to attract attention to your listing there are multiple channels. Real Estate specific networks (like Zillow, Trulia, Homesnap and more…) are a good source, and as you are the listing agents, you might actually get a few leads. On the other hand, “Premier” Agents are also susceptible to get those leads. And this is where it stops for you. While you could publish some information directly to the realtors in your network, on Linkedin for example. Those connections can access directly your content marketing post featuring your listing exclusively and direct conversion tools.

Johnny Perez Team

  • Just listed: Beautiful La Jolla Home
  • Two Bedroom Condo in Downtown with a view
  • La Mesa Property with Addition

For those types of post, it’s capital to keep your potential visitors on your website. Therefore integrating your listing MLS information with your IDX solution will be the easiest. We recommend Showcase IDX. We are the only accredited developer with them in California, and one of only nine in the whole United States. Our content marketing system will broadcast your post to Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter automatically. So you don’t have to deal with those networks, and on top of that, when your visitors will click on your post, they won’t “stay” on said network, but will be redirected to your website with all the conversion tools available.

Show that you are a Local Expert

As a realtor, there are parts of town you specialize in. You will have the luxury realtors that will be with La Jolla, Del Mar and Rancho Santa Fe. You will have realtors that focus on the beach area like Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Ocean Beach and Point Loma. Then there is the Little Italy and Downtown condominium specialists.

We are not trying to segment your market, just to make sure that you share your knowledge of your favorite and target areas with visitors. When people buy a home, they are looking for a local expert, someone who will be able to share what surrounds their future home. Could be schools for the kids, grocery shopping options, even dining out in the neighborhood. If you are an expert in your neighborhood, it is because you have knowledge that others might not have.

This way you can share that knowledge, and you can list different food and drink attractions within your neighborhood.

  • Best Coffee Shops in South Park
  • Top Five best Pasta in Little Italy
  • Tacos El Gordo VS Taqueria Revolucion
  • Best Club in Downtown
  • San Diego Rooftop Bars

Most people have an opinion about food, and they will either check your article to discover new places. Or they will check if your all time favorite is featured. You will get those people to click on your subjects and while you are there, you will feature a “hot sheet” generated by your IDX Solution. That way, while they are browsing through their favorite restaurants and watering holes. The prospective buyers will also look at what is available in that neighborhood.

Looking at values and trends

The value of homes in San Diego is consistently going up over the past few years. That way, clients are looking as their primary residence as an investment as well. People are not looking at keeping their first, or next, house for the rest of their lives. Searching for the “good deal”, and what would make them equity fast is key. There are different neighborhoods in San Diego that are up and coming.

Johnny Perez Team

Won’t mention any, but when I first moved to SD around twenty years ago, there was a few neighborhoods where I would not dare to go, and now they are up and coming and very safe.

  • Up and coming San Diego Neighborhoods in 2020
  • Best Beach City for the value
  • Investing in your first home to pay for your next home
  • Why rent while you could pay your own mortgage?

What you are doing there, is looking at the financial aspects of deals while the conjoncture is still going. We never know when the next recession will happen, and I’m not trying to jinx anything. But at this time, with the home values that keep going up, you might want to send out some marketing materials related to cost of living.

Real Estate content marketing has many more aspects, however these will already be a good start for you to create and grow  your content marketing strategy and tactics.

Showcase IDX and Content Marketing

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