Email Marketing is the most efficient way to communicate with your Leads, SQL (Sales Qualified Leads) and Clients on a regular basis.

Once this statement has been made, it’s easy to communicate through emails with your client database, now communicating efficiently requires skills and experience, and this is where we intervene.

Email Marketing Basics

You are communicating regularly with your whole database. You are using a simple message with calls to action. This is efficient but to a certain point.You are not consolidating your database and targeting your communication.

Database Creation

You will create your original database by converting your current leads and clients file information to an email marketing database, there might be some issues in there, as some data might be erroneous. So it’s important your account managers keep the files updated.

Lead Generation

Your website and your landing pages will make your lead generation techniques automated. Having the ability for your visitors to sign up for your newsletter, download files after entering their email addresses. Signing up for your online store. Those are all types of techniques that we implement during the WordPress development phase of our tactics.

Database Consolidation

Through the years, your database quality is prone to deteriorate. This is simply a fact. Your client will change jobs, their emails get deleted, their focus changes. This is why after each and every campaign, studying the statistics and data is key. Relating that data to your database and not being shy in removing contacts that are not current is key.

Targeted messages

Sending messages that pertain to the recipient is key. You will be able to see the interest and engagement developed by your clients by studying data. Therefore, you will be able to update your CRM with lists of interests for each client. This could seem tedious, but so important at the end of the day. You will then be able to send focused messages to clients that you already know are interested in said products or services.

Automated Campaigns

Automated email is one of the forms of email marketing, opposed to newsletters, performed as an email which is sent automatically to a list of people in case they meet a particular trigger. This form of email marketing helps to save time.

Drip Campaigns

A drip campaign is a method used in direct marketing to acquire customers through lead nurture programs. It involves sending marketing information to prospects repeatedly over longer periods of time in order to nurture prospects or leads through the marketing funnel.

Our experience in Email Marketing

We have been using multiple tools for numerous years. Could it be Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Zoho Campaigns, SwiftPage. Being very familiar with those applications and if you are using another application, there is no doubt that we can become experts in it in a very short amount of time.

We send weekly emails for a B2B client to a database of 180,000 email addresses, so we are experienced with high volume campaigns for Small and Medium size businesses. We are targeting these emails are and perform a detailed analysis after each campaign.

For another client, in a niche market, we were able to improve their results by 300% in the span of six months. His Open Rate was 12% we took it to 42% by targeting the right contacts and consolidating his database. His Click Rate was 3% and we brought it up to 12% by maximizing the calls to action and making the emails more eye catching than the previous campaigns.

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