With the current situation developing with the CoronaVirus (Covid-19) we have switched all of our operations to remote work. We don’t want to be infected by the virus, and are looking after the health of our clients.

With the current development of the outbreak throughout the United States and the world, of people either being contained or in the reduction of social contacts. We are looking at the restaurants that are impacted more than other businesses.

Restaurants through Covid

With the social distances to be respected, the restaurants are less crowded, and are either temporarily shutting down or reducing the capacity of their seating inside their venues. Then the solution for them would be to implement Take Out, Curbside Service, or even manage their own delivery.

Delivery would need a little more logistics on their side, but can be managed through limiting the delivery orders to selected zip codes. However it is possible to implement it on our side.

When you look at the ordering platforms like Postmates, Uber Eats, Grubhub, Doordash… They take a LARGE cut into the profits of the restaurants, which makes it convenient for the client, but not for the restaurant itself.

Having your own online ordering platform on your website simplifies your operations.

Take Out Ordering – Curbside Pickup

We have implemented that system in multiple restaurants throughout the United States. We can get you to be ready within a week. It is the average hardware availability to be delivered to you after configuration.

What do you need:

  1. Star SP700 or 742 Printer – if you already have one, we can use yours. We can order one for you (new or preowned) if you need to add one to your system.
  2. Interface Card – we can order that for you
  3. Wired internet connection. Please look at how far your router or your ethernet outlet is, that way we can have you order the right cable length.
  4. If you already have a WordPress website, we will be able to add to it. If not we will build one for you.

All the hardware configuration we will do will be done in a safe environment using gloves and masks. The website development will be done remotely.

Your online ordering system will be integrated or linked to your website. Customers will also be able to shop directly on Facebook or Instagram.

The way you want them to either pick up their order or for your employees to deliver it.

The ordering system works will all types of POS systems, it will be running independently without altering anything in your current system. You will receive next day payments from the credit card processor.


Let’s look at some Proofs of Concept:

Ambrogio15 has been using our system for over a year and a half. They are really liking the way it works. The numbers have definitely been up since the Covid crisis has started. They are using the system in both their Pacific Beach and Little Italy Locations.

My name is Jacques Calame, the General Manager of Ambrogio15 in Pacific Beach. I am the one who handles most of the to-go orders. In my opinion the most sure-fire way to place your order without any confusion is through our online store. The online ordering system is extremely user friendly and allows users the to customize there orders. On the managerial side, the orders are easy to read and easy to track financially. They also facilitate our front of house staff as it minimizes their implication and optimizes their time. I highly recommend upgrading to The X Concept online ordering/website development to increase net sales.”

Semola has been using our system for their location in Little Italy

“My name is Luca Salvi, co-owner of Semola, I set up The X Concept’s online ordering platform through my website and it has resulted in a very useful tool that has helped my restaurant to grow its sales making pickup orders easier for both customers and restaurant employees. Also it is now possible to keep track of online ordering sales through the year. In conclusion I would suggest the use of this tool to my fellow restaurateurs since it makes life easier for everybody.”

Ono Hawaiian Plates in Minneapolis, MN just signed up today for a takeout module to be added to their website today, and we just started ordering the parts, they will be setup very shortly. We have already built a successful Gift Card and Merchandising store for them.

Bottom Line with Covid

During these tough times with Covid, there will be some rough weeks up ahead. We are able to get you setup in a timely manner. Our system will open a new channel of sales. You can always use in the future when everything is back to normal. This will bring some new business into your restaurant. It will interact with your social media making it easier than ever for your clients to order.

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