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March 2, 2020 0

Real Estate is a very competitive industry nationwide. There are a lot of agents, brokers and competition in general. Let’s figure out how we can maximize SEO for your Real Estate Website.

The X Concept has been been assisting realtors from nationwide brokerages such as Compass, Coldwell Banker as well as more local brokerages such as Big Block Realty agents in San Diego, CA and JB Goodwin Realtors in San Antonio, TX. We have set them up with Showcase IDX on their website as the tool to assist them with displaying listings and properties on their website.

You can see that there are a lot of different IDX tools and applications available on the market. What is making Showcase IDX different then? It’s the SEO capabilities on top of other features.

What is SEO for Real Estate Websites?

First, let’s start and explain what SEO means. It means Search Engine Optimization, therefore how your website is perceived by Search Engines. You can have the most beautiful house, if there is no front door, no one is ever going to see the inside.

SEO is about compliance and we are going to focus on Google algorithm. But first of all, let’s look at the market share for search engines in 2020.

  • Google: 88.2%
  • Bing: 6.4%
  • Yahoo: 3.9%
  • Duck Duck Go: 1.4%
  • MSN: 0.1%

So it is reasonable to say, that the market is cornered by Google. And we can refer SEO as Google Optimization. First of all, not all your visitors will come from Search Engines. You will also get visits from direct visits and referrals (Social Media, Links on other websites). Search Engine Optimization is determined by the way you develop your website. Some tools are making it easier than other.

What is SEO for Real Estate Websites?

Real Estate websites have different sections within them. You have the sections that showcase you as a local expert, making your clients relate to you. This can develop your Local SEO, meaning you will use keywords that will trigger Geolocation. You specialize in a town, a region, let’s maximize the impact you get there. For example, our client Melissa Panzarini is focusing her marketing on Boerne, TX. Then you have the services that you offer as an agent, broker. Buyer’s Services, Seller’s Services, Help with Relocation. Then you have the additional services like for example Johnny Perez is putting emphasis on the Compass Concierge Program. Then you have the core of your website, the Properties, and we will start a new paragraph for this one

Properties and Listings

There are two ways to display properties on your website. You will have your IDX software creating Hot Sheets and General Area Search. That way you can emphasize your own listings, but also all the properties in the area that will be relevant to your potential client. You can also feature specific, more high profile listings as the content marketing side of your website. Content marketing is a key component of the SEO for your website.

Now do the IDX properties page do something for your SEO? The answer there is simple: If you are using Showcase IDX, YES, if Not, no… Why is that? Because Showcase IDX creates pages on your website dynamically, and those pages are covered by Google. Those pages are pre-rendered, native content. No iFrames, subdomains, JS bootstrap on canonical pages. To sum up the “technical” words in the sentences before, the technology it uses UNLIKE other systems is Google friendly. So when you think of it – all listings in your local MLS area are creating coverage for your website, just by you having this tool installed on your website.

How do you set this up?

This is when you contact us. We are a Showcase IDX Preferred Partner and One of Nine Accredited Developers nationwide.

We will create your new website using Showcase IDX. The rest of your website will also be SEO for Real Estate optimized. We will develop an easy to navigate, visual and bright interface that works on computers and mobile devices. Your website will be connected to your Social Media Networks and will push critical information on your feeds. Showcase IDX and tools like Follow Up Boss will get you get more leads, more conversions, more sales!

From the words of Kurt Uhlir, CMO of Showcase IDX

I highly recommend The X Concept and Charles.

Having coached thousands of Realtors and businesses on modern marketing, I’ve heard so many stories of agents that chose a web design and marketing company that did not understand real estate, modern IDX, or what it takes to make Realtors successful. You’ll never have that experience with The X Concept.

Charles understands modern marketing. He excels at building real estate websites and marketing systems for Realtors. One of the things I like is that they are a full-service marketing agency focusing on WordPress Development, Email Marketing, and Social Media Marketing that is budget-friendly and is happy to grow with you as you see the ROI.

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