At The X Concept, we influence our clients providing them services to better their businesses.

Our staff is composed of seasoned experts that use their experience and skill set to bring every single project to completion with constant communication and measurable results.

Business Plan Creation

You have an idea but don’t know where to start to make it happen, our consultants have entrepreneurial spirit that will get them to take personal pride in the “next best thing” you are wanting to start. We will provide you with branding and collateral, print and digital that will allow you to target investors with serenity and peace of mind.

Branding Services

We have designed countless corporate identities for companies of all sizes. From logos, brochures, website layouts, packaging. We care about the image of your business as it’s what your target customer will see FIRST.

Digital Marketing Services

Providing creative and targeted content to your clients the digital way, we have designed and put in place very successful digital marketing campaigns with really high impact that have farmed KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) up to 4 times industry standards.

Direct email marketing (Mailchimp, Swiftpage…) and CRM database administration (SQL, ACT!, Filemaker, Zoho, Pipedrive, Nutshell…). Our targeting macros get the right information to the right people every time, shattering previous results for plenty of our clients.

Social Media

Our involvement in social media from the genesis of all services bring us as experts on organic growth. Representation of your brand and your location using demographics and geo-targeted information is maximizing the impact that your business will obtain from those efforts.


We have influenced several companies on their operation and project management processes.
From production schedules and implementation of manufacturing automation techniques to stock management processes, we have influenced numerous businesses by providing them more efficient techniques, and cost optimization.

Image Consulting

Our CEO is a firm believer that your image as a person is representing your business, and this at every level of any company. From top to bottom, your sales force is representing your business in front of potential clients. The way they look is going to craft the FIRST impression, and you always judge a book by it’s cover… You may have the most interesting book in the world, now if the cover is not showcasing that, nobody will ready it. People who tell you the opposite are either lying, jealous or have no idea what they are talking about. It’s a fact!

Sales Coaching

After your sales force has been outfitted to walk the walk, they also better talk the talk… And for this to happen they need to be provided with scripts, you don’t want your sales person, representing your company walking in someone’s office without a clear view of what they are going to say, how they are going to say it and when they are going to say it… But you better believe is what’s happening in so many businesses. That’s why we will provide you with result proven systems developed by Mac Arthur, and taught to sales forces from 3M, UPS, Dassault, Honeywell. We will┬áteach your sales force on how to provide the right information to the lead // What he’s expecting to hear from you, how to provide that information and techniques to provide that information at the right time. Be prepared to see the closing ratios skyrocket.

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