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March 19, 2020 1

In California, the business situation for restaurants has been different for the past few days, and some businesses have been adapting better than others. The only option for restaurants throughout California and other states at the moment is Takeout and Delivery Only.

What can all restaurants do?

You can grab your orders on the phone. I timed a client of ours the other day for a takeout order. I clicked on the stopwatch of my phone to time how long it takes to:

  • Take order on the Phone for Takeout
  • Place order in the P.O.S. System (P.O.S. Stands for Point Of Sale)
  • Present the receipt to the client upon his arrival
  • Getting the client’s credit card and run it through P.O.S.
  • Having client sign it
  • Finalize transaction and close the order in the P.O.S.
  • Bring the meal to the client

The answer is over three minutes total. First of all, imagine spending over THREE minutes on a single order. Some people tell me that they are faster, sure… But, at the end of the day, it is still not efficient.

Keep in mind that payment will be taken at order exchange, if the client does not show up, you are in on a loss.

What Online Ordering will bring to your restaurant

Online ordering will bring speed, for the three minutes it took the client above to process an order from top to bottom, with online ordering it will take you less than 15 seconds. For a Takeout order, the client will come in. He will give you his name. And you will hand his meal to him. That is it.

It will bring efficiency, whenever the order is placed, the payment has to be completed for the order to send, and the ticket to print. If the client doesn’t show up, it’s on him but you haven’t lost any money. In the current economic situation, it is definitely something to keep in mind.

Takeout and Delivery Only benefits with online ordering

Also clients have an easier time picking and choosing what dishes they want, and exploring your whole menu and therefore adding more items to their order. Secondly, if you are selling dishes that are hard to pronounce, having the dishes on their computer/phone with a photo will help with order accuracy.

Ok, now that your client has selected their dishes and are ready to checkout, they can now choose between takeout and delivery. This is when the interesting processes happen. Your client chooses takeout, their ticket prints in your kitchen, and it stops there until your client picks up their package. If your client chooses delivery, a notification is sent to an app on the phone of all your drivers. An anterior version of that app was showcased to me for the first time four years ago by a friend of mine who was working in dispatching. Here are some of the dispatching screen that I was able to access while deliveries were taking place.

This App provides directions to the driver through GPS, as well as information about the delivery. The fee for the app is minimal ($0.30 per order) and is providing a logistical solution for you to manage your drivers and look at their performance.

Managing your Staff

It is very easy to add drivers, and get them through screening questions at the time of application. We will get you setup on that app in a matter of minutes.

Now, we have to keep in mind that everything is automated, and we will able to restrict the delivery zones to certain zip codes. Or develop a delivery fee table to maximize the efficiency and get you in a cost efficient solution.

Just keep in mind that you better schedule more delivery drivers than what you think, deliveries take longer than what your originally think.

Also managing your whole delivery option will provide employment to your wait staff temporarily is this difficult situation. Let’s now look at the results over the past couple days for a client.

Tuesday: First Day of Takeout of Takeout and Delivery Only

We have had the takeout store installed with this client for almost two years, and over the past couple weeks, we have been doing great takeout numbers on weekends. With this first day of exclusively takeout and delivery, we had to iron the details, and the logistical challenges. As the restaurant started well, we figured out that the quantity of drivers scheduled was not enough. This is why I wrote about the warning just above. In conclusion of this report, the numbers on the online order store was the best ever with online ordering.

Wednesday: Second Day of Takeout and Delivery Only

The delivery logistics not being solved by the client yet, Wednesday was Pickup only and included wine pickup for the first time, following the ordinance from the county of San Diego that restaurants are now able to sell beer and wine as takeout and delivery. And once again the client broke records, with some takeout orders going over $100 multiple times.

We are looking at 558% growth in revenue compared to last week with the amount of orders going up 317% and the average order amount up 58%.

With the weekend coming, we are looking forward to see the numbers this client is going to do. This online ordering system is looking it is going to help our client. It is going to keep their business afloat and save employees their jobs.

Developing this program in your restaurant

We can get this program going in a minimal amount of time in this time of crisis.

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