The William Hotel Case Study

February 5, 2020 0

The William is a boutique luxury hotel located in Boerne, TX. It won the USA Today 10 Best – Hotels in San Antonio in 2019.

We started collaborating with Scarlett Ramey, the owner of The William Hotel, on her very successful Fashion Show Fundraiser “Flamenquissimo”. This event took place in Boerne, Texas, to benefit Aid the Silent as the first Fashion Week Texas event. They were able to raise $230.000 for the charity. We helped Scarlett with the Flyers for the event, the configuration of her social media channels as well as the event ticketing platform.

Originally, their website was built on a Photobiz platform, this is something usually used by photographers to showcase their portfolio.

New Website for The William Hotel

After the vast success of the event, we talked about her Hotel’s website, and the help that it needed. The interface was not very visual, therefore it needed a facelift. We also used a WordPress as a content management system. WordPress has the power to bring efficiency to all the processes needed by the hotel. The William had some great videos, photos, and even 3D Matterport of each room. Those visuals needed to be utilized and brought up to the light. Having all this media and not using it in a way that will generate revenue will not help your business.

Search Engine Optimization

We always brought up how important SEO to Scarlett and her team. In August 2019, we took over the website and started developing the new version. The SEO results for The William were at around 40 inbound clicks a month at that time. Fast forward to November 2019 where the website is getting over 750 organic Inbound clicks a month from Google. First of all, we cannot emphasize the importance of Blog posts enough. For the Hotel to have every page search engine optimized was of the utmost importance.

Now, when it comes to SEO, with the ever changing algorithms, using content marketing, blog posts, to keep generating SEO is key. We trained the staff at The William on how to publish the posts themselves. And to make sure that all the SEO features were filled on every page. Therefore, they are writing their own posts and publishing them while being compliant to SEO’s best practices. Their return on investment on each blog post is optimized due to the fact that they have complete control of their publishing without any external help.

The William Hotel


Room Features at The William Hotel

As a luxury boutique hotel, the decor of their rooms is a priority. Scarlett Ramey communicates for the William with the tagline “Elegance in the Hills”. The photos and Matterport 3D files are showcasing the elegance of the furnishings and accessories. We needed to make a visual interface. An interface where the client can really visit the room before he even books it. This is why we opted for large photos and galleries. With only eleven rooms, The William allows you to book each room individually. We were able to allow the client to pick each room and use it’s own availability calendar to place the reservation. As you can see, there is also an Online Store. In addition of reserving your room, you can shop bedding, pillows, comforters and even furnishings directly on the hotel website.

Health Retreats and more

We invite you to discover the health retreats that they offer, as well as the hotel by itself by visiting their website. We assisted an hotel owner that was not able to get a website she liked. The system she was using at first was not made for her activity. Above all, we were able to provide the hotel with a complete marketing solution. In conclusion, they are now looking up to the ever growing results.

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