80% of Mid Sized Companies use an Agency

February 6, 2020 0

Hubspot just published a study about the relationship between small and medium sized businesses, and external service providers. In our case, we will focus on the importance of a marketing agency.

Summary of the Study

Companies today need to focus on their customer experience to succeed. And often, they need help creating these experiences. That’s why 4 out of 5 mid-sized companies work with various external agencies and service providers, who specialize in services like marketing, web design, sales strategy, and CRM implementation. This helps companies get the on-demand expertise they need to achieve their goals.

Now, you can also read that with the recent trends on the specialization of agencies, and the niche activities, it shows that businesses have to work with multiple providers.

A recent HubSpot survey of hundreds of businesses worldwide showed that 86% of companies find working with external service providers to be well worth the investment. However, working this way is not always easy. 75% of companies today work with 3 to 10 different service providers just to achieve their goals. Which means, many companies find it difficult to align their business goals across the multiple service providers they work with and the various systems and tools they use.

How to apply it to your business

This study is showing that most businesses are using different providers for different type of activities. The difference between The X Concept and other agencies is the all in one approach. We have been working on all sides of traditional and digital marketing since 2001. That is almost twenty years of experience and technologies evolving. We have kept up with these technologies through the years, and are focusing on the ones that work.

Dealing with one marketing agency or multiple

You have a business and you deal with a graphic agency, a website developer, an email marketing agency, a social media agency. This is a lot of people to work with. First of all the multiple communications take time. Time is the one thing you can never get back in life. Once you find a single point of contact that will provide you with all the services you need, you will realize that it will be easier for you. 22% of companies say the it is difficult for them to work with multiple agencies.

Business models, contracts and retainers

Marketing agencies usually ask for commitment, could it be monthly contracts, retainers and long term commitments. They are securing funding for each one of their clients to be sure to cover their overhead costs. Therefore they get the client in a bind, and make the decision process lengthy and complicated for the client. Imagine committing to a yearly contract with a monthly fee, a retainer and more with a company you have just received an estimate and proofs of concept from.

After being in this business for almost twenty years, The X Concept has a strategy that is the polar opposite. We work hourly. Yes, there is no commitment to work with us, no monthly contracts, no retainers. Your flexibility is our priority. There are months where your business will need our services more than others. Some months no services at all. Why would you pay us for services we didn’t perform?

We don’t ask you for contracts with a commitment for one year, or more… Because, if something happens, we don’t want you to be stuck to pay for a contract that you won’t use.

Marketing Agency Flexibility and Client Retention

This flexibility allows us to have very high client retention, and even though there are some that don’t use our services every month, they are very comfortable with the way it works for them. If you read our recent case studies, you will see that Tizoc Hernandez from Mr T and Mrs V Realty, our first ever client in 2001, came back to us eighteen years after his first contract. You will also be able to read about Ginger and Tom Stalheber from Outer Banks Cottage Renovations, came back to us after fifteen years. Also noticeable is Mac Arthur for over 18 years of continuous service. North Shore Design for over twelve years of collaboration. Aloha Bars Maui for over seven years of website management and development.

Why do clients stay with our Marketing Agency for so long?

First of all, we meet their goals. Yes that’s important. Meeting a client’s goals is their first priority. If you don’t deliver or under deliver consistently, you don’t stay in business very long. Then, reactivity, no one likes to wait. As we said it earlier, time is the only thing in life you cannot get back. So we are not here to waste time, and you are not either. After that, it’s all at the client’s appreciation and different type of interpersonal relationships we have developed with them. But at the end of the day, the two points mentioned above are the one that make the difference.

Let’s look at your company?

Now let us look at your company. Let’s look at your website and see how it performs. Would we be happy if your website was getting perfect scores, and looks great. Of course!!! If you don’t need our services, it means that your company is doing great.

We will do an audit, look at different sources to compile data. Clients tell us all the time tell us that our tailored audits are far more than what everyone ever brought them. Let’s see if we can impress you.

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