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June 26, 2019 0

Loyalty programs and gamification are an upcoming trend in the E-Commerce ecosystem. We have partnered with Ekoma when it comes to applying those programs to your websites. Ekoma combines both in one very wholesome application

What is a Loyalty Program

You all have heard about Airline Miles, Supermarket members cards and other rewards program. There you go, it’s not that much more complicated than that. Every company’s goal is to turn customers into clients. The difference between customers and clients, is that with a client you have a relationship, loyalty is a key component about this relationship. That loyalty gets acquired by providing rewards to your client so they don’t even have to look at shopping elsewhere. This allows you to make sure your competitors are out of the picture. These programs include a minimal growth of your CPL (Cost per Lead) and a negligible growth on your COA (Cost of Acquisition).

What is a Gamification Program

Gamification is the application of gaming elements in non gaming contexts. What it means is simple: We get you to perform actions that are beneficial to us (such as social media engagement, referral of friends) for a reward. You can grow to different levels of rewards by performing actions that do not include purchases. You earn rewards, monetary or not, performing actions that don’t cost you anything. Is that beneficial for the client, yes as he is able to get a better deal. Is it beneficial for the store, yes as it provides them with new potential customers and grow it’s amount of leads and potential customers. The store will then be able to convert those potential customers into clients using the above rewards program…

Where does Ekoma stand in this picture?

Ekoma has been taking both programs and combining it into an interface that is easy to setup and user friendly, on the admin side as well as on the shopper’s side. Your main two platforms for E-Commerce are Shopify and Woocommerce. At this time Ekoma is available for both of those platforms. Which means it is available for most of the websites. Here is an example on a Shopify website for Shay and Blue (distributed by our boutique fragrance client Maison Duquesne). Here is another example on a Woocommerce site for our client Ambrogio15.


How to install Ekoma on your E-Commerce store

Got to the Ekoma website – from there you can subscribe to start your experience. There is a free trial for up to 20 orders a month, after this prices are relative to your amount of orders. You will be able to install it directly from the website linking to your Shopify store. For the Woocommerce module, you would need to contact the developer so he can send you the plugin to install on your WordPress website.

In conclusion, Ekoma provides you with a solution to develop client retention. While at the same time giving yourself the opportunity to gain in customer acquisition for a low price per transaction.

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