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June 28, 2019 0

Photography is an intricate part of your business. Technology and social media have been triggering the use of camera phones for many business applications. Now, having a photographer using professional equipment is key to get that look that will differentiate you from others. Headshots are a big part of it, and even though there are Portrait modes on your phone. It still won’t replace the talent and experience of a professional. We use ObyFoto for those applications.

Why are headshots important?

Like we explained in our article – How to make a good first impression – the appearance is what people will start to remember you by. How many times in your life you are facing someone, you have met them before, but it’s impossible for you to remember their names, but their face looks so familiar. It is the same thing with business headshots, between a “homemade” one and a professional one. A good headshot will make a long lasting, and good, first impression on your audience.


ObyFoto for Headshots

Numerous clients of ours had outdated headshots, meaning they did not look like the last photo of them that was taken, and believe it or not an updated image will make a big difference from one from ten years ago. A lot of people are like fine wine and age gracefully, and look better now than a decade ago. Also what they wore ten years ago was trendy back then… but not anymore, so better make sure everything is ¬†working for you. The main goal is for the people that you are meeting recognize you at first glance. Not having surprises when they see you.

We sent ObyFoto on location with the former French Honorary consul Andre Bordes for updated headshots, we also sent him to La Jolla Optik’s office so he can take new photos of Dr Colin Bernstein, as well as updated photos of his practice. These photos made our job easier when developing the websites. Having quality photos make the visual part of the website easier to develop. In a lot of cases in the past we ended up having having photos that were compressed, resized, cropped. Those photos were updated after a photoshoot. Therefore it was much easier for us to develop the visual side of the website interface.

You can visit Obyfoto’s website, that we have developed as well as his facebook page to get in touch with him.

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