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June 24, 2019 0

A business is only as strong as its partners. In the case of a marketing agency, we need to have multiple partners and suppliers for different activities. When it comes to Screen Printing and Embroidery, there is no other choice than SIX19 printing.

As a long time running marketing agency in San Diego, The X Concept is not only a digital marketing agency, but also offers traditional marketing services.

Branding and Brand Identity is one of the services we perform for numerous clients. Developing an identity that will boost your brand awareness, and brand recognition is key for a most B2C businesses, but also for some B2B Businesses.

Six19 Printing Advantages

Promotion is not always on a screen in 2019. It can also surely be worn. This is when SIX19 Printing gets in the game. They are ticking all the boxes when it comes to a preferred partner. First of all, they are GOOD. And when I say that, I mean very good. If we are going to put The X Concept’s name and reputation behind someone else’s services, they better be at the highest standards. And they are.

Second they are local. Working with local San Diego, and Southern California businesses in general is one of our priorities whenever possible.

And lastly, they are friends of friends that became friends. Got introduced to their team through some mutual friends, who knew them from their youngest days. Behind the collaborations there has been friendship building and mutual referring to get quality services.

Six19 Printing Services

So now let’s get down to what they provide. Chris, Erica and their team are specialists in Screen Printing and embroidery on fabric. What is screen printing. Somewhere in your wardrobe there has to be a T-shirt or a polo with a picture on it. This is screen printing. What they do is they create a screen per “color” and will transfer ink to your garment through this screen and run it through a drying setup to make sure it lasts. They also provide embroidery services, you all know what that is. If you don’t look at any quality baseball cap you own. There you go, here is embroidery for you.

How promotion wear can be used in business

This is actually quite simple. People wearing your label on their clothing is like a walking billboard. Depending if you are in a. B2C or B2B business model, those walking billboards could work for you in different ways. On a B2C model, having your customers wearing promotional wear can turn them into clients. It can also turn people around them to customers, then into clients… you get my point. Your B2B team, working outside your location with branded shirts or polo shirts gives you a sense of legitimacy and compliance that is always appreciated for all types of businesses. Could it be on a service appointment or a sales meeting.

Partner Summary

So let’s sum it up real quick. Those guys are good, real good. They are local and friendly. They have worked with all three major Universities in San Diego, with every single nightclub in San Diego as well as dozens of other demanding clients. Six19 Printing awaiting your order and providing you the best service. If you go through us to order any printed garment to promote your business, we will go through them as a preferred provider.

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