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May 16, 2019 1

GoDaddy Website builder is the website authoring and design tool from GoDaddy. If you are not familiar with them, they are the largest domain registrar in the world, had contracts with Danica Patrick and Super Bowl Commercials. Their main activity is for people to purchase domain name and website hosting. Their services go much father nowadays, from cloud services, phone numbers, and the subject of this article, the Website builder.

GoDaddy website builder in a nutshell

The purpose of the website builder is to get people to “build a better website in under an hour”. This is what their website claims… Their main competitors being Wix and Squarespace. The key behind it is a drag and drop editor, just like the competitors, and hosting solely on Godaddy’s servers.

Who is GoDaddy Website Builder for?

This is for people who have very limited resources, for a personal page, or a side business with very limited income earning potential. They will be able to have a VERY limited web presence, see it as an online business card.

Why would people switch?

We have switched many clients from Godaddy website builder to wordpress solutions, and that has been happening in the very early stages of the website existence. People seeing the limitations of the system and the lack of features it offers.


As stated before, WordPress is the #1 CMS in the world, 53% of the CMS ecosystem. In opposition, GoDaddy Website Builder has 0.39% of the share of the market, ranking it at the 22nd spot. WordPress’ powerful infrastructure and extensive features work on most web servers available on the market, and are not restricted to a single hosting company. In this case, over the past few months, we have switched many hosting servers from Godaddy to other providers. The reason behind it is a difference in performance related to price paid on a monthly basis. We switched our hosting server for this website from Godaddy to Ionos a few months ago.

Bottom Line

We definitely get you to consider switching from Godaddy Website Builder to WordPress as it will bring the level of performance of your website miles ahead. Contact us to make the switch. Find this article on Facebook.

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