Laboratoires Didier Rase – Case Study

May 8, 2019 0

Laboratoires Didier Rase are specialized in high end men’s skincare. Their main product line is called Integrall, very effective anti-aging line that is focused on simplifying the men’s skincare routine.

How did we get Laboratoires Didier Rase as a client?

Our team member, and media relations expert Maud was already working with Didier Rase as a Public Relations account. She then told us that the owner was not happy with his current E-Commerce structure. That website was based on Prestashop which made it very hard to update on the admin side, as well as even making it quite hard for the client to place an order.

Assessment and solution

After looking at their previous Grader scores, we saw there was a lot of improvements that could be made at different levels. First of all, the server they were using was not up to today’s standards and they were also overpaying for it. So we made sure we set the up with the proper hosting solution. After looking at their SEO we figured out why they were not getting any traffic, and solved that issue as well.

Multilingual E-Commerce

The solution was to provide an E-Commerce website in multiple languages: French and English. WordPress’s own E-commerce module Woocommerce assisted with plugins like WPML (for translations) is able to manage such projects with ease.

Keeping an interface that was somewhat similar to the current brochure. We used media provided by the company, this was also a key in the the project.

The brand is now getting a lot of recognition in magazines all around Europe. It now has setup new accounts and partnerships with distributors in multiple countries.

Social Media and Skincare

As you all know, social media and skincare go one and one. The beauty industry is thriving through networks like Instagram and Youtube. We helped Laboratoires Didier Rase to setup their Instagram account. We got them to manage their facebook account that was setup by the previous agency. Originally looking at it was a pretty serious number of followers. When we ┬ástudied the demographics and the engagement, those followers had to be “purchased” to start “online credibility” by the previous agency.

Developing an organic reach is always something you want to do from the start. If you are using Organic social reach or paid social reach, you will be able to reach people that will be willing to engage. Now if you purchase followers, even though your follower count is high, your engagement will be low, and therefore your ratio will actually hurt your credibility.

Laboratoires Didier Rase Now

Laboratoires Didier Rase have been updating their content with the help of community managers and public relations people. First of all are totally independent on managing their websites and the updates. Their order management is more efficient, and everything is moving forward. In other words, they are growing organically.

WordPress and Woocommerce delivered, once again, a solution that is easily managed by the client. They do not have to constantly reach us to perform needed updates. In Conclusion, our clients independence and to not rely on us to keep their business running and be successful.

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