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Real Estate Marketing is a big market, as real estate is an always evolving industry. Realtors have always have been on top of it when it comes to marketing themselves. Why? Because there is a lot of realtors in most cities, some more active than others.

You will meet a lot of realtors in San Diego, some career ones and some that do it as a “side hustle”, because they can. How many times have you heard people say “Everyone is a realtor these days…” That’s true, there was a big market bubble in the early 2000’s and we are in a pretty decent one at the moment, so if there’s a way to make a few bucks, why not.

We are now going to focus on the marketing techniques that can make you stand out as a realtor, and the myths that go with it.

Traditional Real Estate Marketing

Not all the techniques we are going to focus on are digital, and some traditional techniques are still current.

Open Houses

Every Realtor does open houses. Sometimes as the listing agent, sometimes as a new realtor in the team, you are doing open houses at other agents’ listings. The Open House game has changed! I have had the chance to be invited at an open house for one of Johnny Perez’s exclusive listings. It was called “The Broker’s Experience”. There was valet parking, delicious catered food, wine tasting, art exhibition, a guitar player, gifts for attendees… Redefined the Open House game!

Direct Mailing

A few years back, I recalled receiving flyers from real estate agents every week. Now, I do not get as many because the techniques have changed, the cost of direct mailing is also offsetting somehow compared to digital techniques. Is it still effective to do direct mailing? Sure, but to a point, and you cannot track the conversion data as well.

Signs on the street

When you do an open house, you are going to display signs. Those signs can either be provided by your brokerage firm, or you can make your own. All depends from the guidelines provided by the firm. Displaying your branding as well as the brokerage branding is key, as it will market yourself while providing the viewer with familiarity of a household name.

Digital Real Estate Marketing

Digital Marketing has been important for realtors for many years. It provides data driven trackable results where you can control your CPL and COA very easily.


As a real estate agent, your website is something that cannot be neglected. A lot of brokerage firms will even provide you websites that are pretty much “turn key” – Those are not worth anything, as they are build to fit the needs of most. They usually don’t cost much either. You always get what you pay for.

We have developed real estate websites over the years, and currently working on some more. The key behind it all is to feature an experience. All realtors provide the same service, they help you sell your house, or help you buy a new one. But as a realtor, you know you have something more, that makes you stand out from others. Quality of service, this is what you can focus on while displaying your website.

Website Updates

This is something to look at, you need to keep your website updated, adding content to it. What kind of content: Testimonials from buyers and sellers, activity, new listings… There is a lot to write about (increasing SEO results at the same time). With our systems, all those updates are pushed to Social Media.

San Diego Real Estate

IDX/MLS Display

MLS and IDX play a big role in real estate, and having it displayed on your website is key. After some very intensive research ont he IDX services available for real estate agents and brokers, we have found a way to integrate IDX in a very efficient way on WordPress websites thanks to Showcase IDX. They have two plans to display IDX on your website efficiently: $59.95 a month, and $99.95 a month. Their onboarding team is very efficient, and they are even using a free month trial. They allow you to showcase map and search results as well as curate specific listings related to a certain area or specific listing agents/brokers. Definitely a tool not to overlook

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Real Estate Marketing has no secret for us

San Diego is our home, but we have helped realtors in other states, such as Hawaii through the years, and this providing success to all of them. Our latest collaboration has been with Johnny Perez, broker with Compass Real Estate. And we welcome you to visit his WordPress website.

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Social Networks

Social Media Networks are key for most businesses, therefore even more important in highly competitive markets like real estate. ¬†You can reach specific categories of prospects using their activity through Linkedin, display articles on Facebook, and make full use of your photos and videos on Instagram. That goes through the spectrum. How you perform in this ecosystem will depend of tactics and execution patterns you will use, such as post lifespans, utilization of hashtags… We will help your team with all this, setting you up with the right tools.

Real Estate Marketing by Email

You have acquired your leads through open houses, website visits, social media and other channels, you have their email addresses. Now it’s time to qualify them, not for mortgage… but to see what type of homes they would be interested in, can afford, and there is data there. Analyzing their behavioral patterns towards different type of email content, you can see at what stage of the sale cycle they sit, what type of properties they react to… You get to know them even more, and be able to retarget when the time is right with the right type of properties. This is like the new direct mailing, but to a targeted crowd and using data to remarked and retarget.

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