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May 6, 2019 0

Sometimes being at the right place at the right time makes up for great meetings. Early March 2019, Evelyne Lequien, the founder of Agence Outremer is stopping by OuiStart and the San Diego French American Chamber of Commerce. The X Concept’s office is located within OuiStart, so started talking to her while she was waiting for her meeting with the Executive Director.

During our brief discussion, we figured out that her relationship with her former web developper came to a halt a while back, so we setup a meeting with her immediately, as she was leaving back to France a few days later.

Simplification and Consolidation.

Agence Outremer’s activity is to develop concepts by several companies and territories to promote their locations worldwide. Their geographical reach is pretty much, at this time, focused on France, the African continent (Morocco, Ivory Coast…) as well as Mexico (Baja California). However they are extending their activity to other regions of the world.

Their market is mostly French companies, which made us develop their website in French, not a problem as our Founder was born and raised there. We decided on a WordPress website. This way, it will be able to include all social networks and integrate them for maximum reach.  Providing a solution that can be easily updated was our top priority.

Agence Outremer Targets

The audience we are trying to reach is more or less French speaking countries around the world. Working with private companies as well as local and national governments. Having their portfolio showcased and updating it all the time is what their audience is looking to gather from this website.

On the technical side, we linked their website to Facebook and Linkedin. When they publishing content marketing articles, those are automatically displayed to their social feeds. Regarding their instagram account, it is featured automatically on their homepage. That way, it is always refreshed and provide a content variety upfront.

Developing their social media presence is key to help theme generate an audience alongside the other marketing channels.

Following up with Leads

Email Marketing is a great channel to follow up on leads. We are gathering subscriptions to their newsletter to be able to provide curated content to leads that are already engaged.

Video Integration

Agence Outremer offers great video content to their clients, so displaying it was a key point of their new website. We are welcoming you to watch the one they did about the “Tonkpi” region of Ivory Coast. We were able to integrate those great videos in the website’s interface as well as in their content marketing pieces. Using Youtube as the video CDN came naturally that way it can generate more visits to the website as an external channel.


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