New Version of Luxury Photo Mirror – Case Study

March 16, 2020 0

We started collaborating with Luxury Photo Mirror since its creation in 2017. When Kirsty Sinclair, owner of Aloha Bars Maui, launched this business, we developed her first website and assisted with the launch of her B2C Social Media. In late 2019, we redesigned the new version of Luxury Photo Mirror.

Luxury Photo Mirror is providing high end photo booths services to events on the island of Maui, Hawaii.

2017 Luxury Photo Mirror Website

When we created Luxury Photo Mirror’s original website, we focused on the interactive part of the experience by creating a website showcasing the interactivity of the mirror.

Luxury Photo Mirror - WordPress website

This was the original home screen focusing on the touch screen version of the mirror.

We didn’t have much media content when the business first started so we had to focus on some explanations.

Original gallery display of their first event at the Ritz Carlton in Kapalua, Maui, HI

Original Contact form that didn’t include any pricing.

New Version of Luxury Photo Mirror

When we redesigned Luxury Photo Mirror’s website into the current version, we though about the ease of use and we kept the information on one page. Brides are the primary clients of the business. Brides mostly shop for their suppliers on their phone, so we concentrated all the informations that they would need on the homepage of the website.

Home screen has full visibility of the Photo Booth, with calls to action.

After the owner decided to display pricing. We created their pricing and inquiry form. It is easily accessible for people to select the date of the requested booking and proceed with inquiry.

Instagram photos and videos are present on their website’s first page showcasing their latest features.

Content Marketing posts got segmented by Weddings and Parties. This way the visitors can look at the type of events will be looking at something they can relate to.


We have put a serious focus on the performance of the Luxury Photo Mirror website. The main goal here is to be able to provide all the information people would need within a limited loading time.

New Version of Luxury Photo Mirror

Here is a screenshot of the Website Grader for the new version. The Performance score of 19/30 is due to the use of a Shared Hosting platform as well as quite a bit of information on the front page. Which is totally fine and gets the website to display quickly. Now it could be even faster and much more expensive every month. So in this case we decided to go for the best of both worlds.

New Version of Luxury Photo Mirror

The two grades above are Google Pagespeed Score and Yahoo Yslow Score. Google represents over 92% of the search engine requests, while Yahoo represents 1.6%. You can now understand why we focused primarily on the Google score.

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