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May 31, 2019 1

IDX, for the ones who are not very familiar with it, is what enables members of a multiple listing service (MLS) to integrate real estate listings into their own websites.

MLS is “Multiple Listing Service”. The primary purpose of an MLS is to provide a facility to publish a “unilateral offer of compensation” by a listing broker, to other broker participants in that MLS.

Ok, now that we are done with acronyms and definitions that most of you are familiar with, we can start with our explanations.

Almost every Real Estate broker’s website features IDX, this is what allows you to search for homes in your area directly on their website.

Johnny Perez Team IDX

You can see the example above from the Johnny Perez Team website we wrote about in our latest case study.

This solution featured above comes from Showcase IDX. Since writing the case study, The X Concept became an authorized reseller of Showcase IDX. The X concept is also one of NINE approved agencies featured on the Showcase website. We are the ONLY agency in California at this time.

Why did we choose Showcase IDX

Choosing your IDX solution is very important, there is different level of features you have to look into.

SEO Optimized IDX

A lot of other solutions are using an iFrame or subdomain for their property listings and home search. This will be detrimental for your SEO. When you work had to gather SEO with your website activity, content marketing, backlinks, make sure that your IDX solution is working for you not against you.

User Friendly Search

MLS listings are built on somewhat of an antiquated software, Paragon… The IDX solution will be the one bringing up the interface you will be delivering to your client. You want your website to be user friendly and make sure your clients look at properties on your website. If they end up looking at big portals, and input their contact information, that information could be sold to other agents… yes that’s legal.

Keep it sticky

Yes, that sounds like a cinnamon roll… But when you think of it, you want to send communication to your client that will get them to land on YOUR website, not on your general brokerage firm engine… The long game is based on forming, nurturing, and maintaining relationships and an experience that adds real value.

Make sure your clients are receiving emails of new listings that

  • Come from your website and domain name
  • Bring them back to your website.

Mobile friendly

Top agents know consumers require an incredible mobile experience. Some providers simpy squish everything into a phone-sized screen. With Showcase IDX, your clients receive a powerful, mobile app-like experience for phones and tablet.

WordPress Integration

The Showcase IDX WordPress plugin lets you integrate your search deeper into your real estate website than any other IDX. Their unique combination of the latest technologies means that their search is faster than any other solution without sacrificing indexability, design, or user experience.

The goal behind this is to use the number one CMS in the world and benefit from its user friendly interface and powerful tools and extensions that Real Estate brokerage solutions won’t offer.

What about other IDX solutions?

There is other solutions on the market. The most popular ones are Diverse Solutions and Ihomefinder. First of all, there is a setup fee. Are they not convinced of the ease of use and setup of their solutions? This is just like Marketing agencies asking for retainers as they want to secure something for themselves. If you are confident about your services, therefore you don’t need to get yourself an extra financial security.

After that, when you look at the WordPress repository for IDX plugins you can see that the two aforementioned solutions received three stars from independent reviews while showcase has five stars… If you ask me, in the age of reputation marketing. It says it all.

Mission Statement from the Showcase CMO

“Our #1 job is to showcase you as the local expert and grow your real estate business” – Kurt Uhlir

What to do next?

By now, you understand that we offer the leading IDX solution. Can you get it yourself, can other agencies get it for you? OF course they can. But do they have an idea what they are doing? Are they accredited by the developers to build websites around these features? Point proven.

Now you want us to help you with your onboarding, convert your website to a wordpress solution that will bring your digital business to a new level. We do that every week for businesses in multiple industries. Keep in mind that in a cut throat industry, your competitor can be raising the bar while you stay still. If you don’t like being left behind contact us.

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