Media Relations, how important are they?

September 24, 2018

When you look at traffic acquisition – in a B2C environment, people focus on content marketing, social media marketing, SEO and SEM. And you are right, those are key to keep constant traffic generation. Media relations have to be considered as a key source of targeted traffic. We will be focusing on the online and offline sides of media relations.

Media publications

Publications such as newspapers, magazines, tv channels have traditional “paper” supports as well as their websites. The notoriety of the their titles usually gets them a great following as they tend to become household names. So when your media relations person submits a press release, it might end up on the paper support, on the website, or maybe even both.

The online version of those supports are a good way to get a good idea of conversion rate when it comes to the traffic generated on your website, especially if you are in an e-commerce environment. With the ability to track the referrers as well as the paths taken by visitors, you will be able to analyze the efficiency of each campaign by referral media, and therefore focus on titles with the best results.

Blogs and Online Magazines

You also have blogs, those blogs are usually specific for an industry. We are going to take as an exemple what happened to one of our clients last week. Bennavita, got featured on the blog “Comme un Camion” (In France). Bennavita’s website traffic went up 850% for the next couple days after the article was published. That particular style blog is one of the leader in men’s style in France and has a great following. 62K followers on Facebook and 50k followers on Instagram. Those numbers are at the time I write this article. When you compare it to accounts and influencers that have millions off followers it’s not much. In this case, the targeted followers are matching a certain profile determined by the brand.


When you look at it, 8.5 times more visitors than usual on your site is great. And this is on a website that is already doing pretty good with organic techniques. This client is currently on a presentation website and has not pulled the trigger on E-commerce. It’s their decision, but we are trying to convince them to add this additional revenue stream while working on the logistics. We would have been able to differentiate the conversion rate between an organic visitor from a referral visitor. This is quite valuable information as it will help future marketing and media relations campaigns on targeting certain supports.

Media Relations Specialist

We have been very fortunate to add a Media Relations specialist to our team. Maud is an expert in press and media relations. She is located in Paris, and will be focusing solely on the French market at this time. Her set of skills and high energy makes her a great asset. She is specialized in the lifestyle, luxury and health industries. Please contact us so we can put you in touch with her.

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