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April 27, 2018

Paris based tailor Bennavita came to us to help them out with their SEO on their website. You might be wondering why they took the decision on going with us. A company half way across the world, to provide tasks that other agencies much closer could have performed… The X Concept CEO’s, Charles Oreve, even though living in California for many years, grew up in Paris. While retaining his Parisian style, he shops for his suits at Bennavita exclusively. After communicating with the Owner, the CMO and the General Manager regarding their website and the Search Engine activity, they decided to collaborate to help grow within the rankings of major search engines.


Specific Keywords for Bennavita

Bennavita has a set of keywords that had to be in French, and would be relevant to their activity and geo-localisation. The X Concept helped them defining those keywords. Added the selected few within the META titles, descriptions. Made sure those keywords appeared throughout the website.

Implementation of SEO Tools

After analyzing the current keywords used by search engine visitors to click through to Bennavita’s website, as well as the pattern used by those visitors after entering the websites, we were able to define the ideal strategy on implementing those new keywords to maximize the ranking. The challenge for them was to have something that include the locations of their two stores that are located within some of Paris nice and busiest areas when it comes to shopping. So, implementing those locations was crucial.

Rankings after original setup

For the keyword combinations that we put together, Bennavita is now ranking organically on the first page of google for one of the store location and the other store it’s actually the top organic ranking. We are very proud of this achievement in such a short amount of time. Now as we mentioned to the CMO search engine optimization is not a “one time thing”. SEO requires a lot of maintenance and activity on all types of other channels.


Ongoing actions

Reputation marketing is actually helping SEO. The channels we used for reputation marketing are Google Reviews and Yelp. We are now finishing setting up their Google my Business, as well as their Yelp business page for Bennavita. In recent years, local reputation marketing is key as more and more people trust online reviews to corroborate recommendations they receive. We also advised content marketing. Which, if done right will provide updated SEO rankings, and will help with social media feeds. Also we mentioned that Search Engine Marketing is always helping out with organic rankings as it will help with keywords that you want to develop your presence with.

Search Engine Optimization

This article will get you to understand that Search Engine Optimization is not only setting up your website properly. It is also a combination of other tools and other channels that will help your website rank higher organically. Paid strategies are also helping, don’t get me wrong. We are living in a society where economics will always help you climb rankings quicker.

Please let us know so we can help you analyze your current Search engine optimization status. We would love to assist you to see if there is room for improvement and that we could help you grow in the rankings.

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