The Artist’s Touch: Case Study

February 22, 2018

Client: The Artist’s Touch

Last week, I got contacted by a client of ours, Jessica Harper from Harper La Jolla, telling me that one of the people in her office suites, The Artist’s Touch, saw her website and liked it, so she got her to meet with Charles Oreve about her new website.

Jenifer Bloomberg, the artist behind The Artist’s Touch, specializes in permanent Makeup and Micro Pigmentation. That’s cosmetic tattoos for women that want to have their eyebrows, lips and eyeliner on permanently, as well as for me who suffer from baldness to get pigmentation back in their hairline.

“I looked through Jenifer’s website solutions, which was through a large company, and she didn’t like the results she was getting, and the type of technical support she was receiving. She was saying those guys were good, and were getting what the needed to do, but it was lacking direct contact, and collaboration.

The Interface they were using was also proprietary to their company, and the customization and updates was coming from an interface that was not user friendly.”

the artist's touch

Helped Jenifer by developing a brand new WordPress Install on a CPANEL Linux Server, this allows her to host multiple websites on the same server (more to come), get emails with her domain names and more while keeping 100% control of her web purchases and accounts.

the artist's touch

Presenting her activity and her services was key. Simplifying her homepage to make everything clear and getting her to book more clients directly was key for her. A mobile friendly interface was also very important are a lot of her clients are San Diego, CA and La Jolla, CA women on the go. They are therefore using their tablets or mobile phone, and the website has to look flawless on all devices.

The Artist's Touch

Having a website that was very visual was key, using colors that fit within the beauty industry.

Testimonials and links to social media and reputation marketing platforms have been installed on this new website.

Now, we will also be able to look at insights and statistics to figure out what traffic sources yield the most leads and focus on upcoming marketing strategies. Now the next step will be to assist the client to gain back control of her social media accounts.

You can visit the new website, or visit their Facebook page.

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