Client Relationship – Part 2

February 20, 2018

Now that you have acquired Leads, SQLs and signed some Clients. Let’s talk about Client Relationship Management.

CRM – Client Relationship Management

Everyone, ok, maybe most people have heard of CRM software. Let me list a few for you to see if it opens your mind: Salesforce, Oracle CRM, Zoho, Bullhorn, Nutshell, Nimble, Sugar, Pipedrive…? Any of those names ring a bell to you. If so, good… If not, please contact us immediately so we can advise you on what a CRM software solution can provide to you and your business.

Owning a CRM and using a CRM

A lot of businesses own CRM systems, and say they use it… Ok, I can tell you they are using “some” features. Now are they exploring all the features those softwares can provide to them, I doubt it.

Some of these softwares can be complicated, a handful, and sometimes overwhelming for your salesforce. Depending on generations, some great sales people will be extremely proficient with traditional sales techniques, and not that efficient with technology. Some others will be technology experts and not that efficient with traditional sales techniques. This is actually what makes your sales force strong. Account managers collaborating on clients with their strengths.

Client Relationship

Collaboration is key

In the last sentence I pushed towards collaboration, and this is what those tools will provide you. You will be able to interact with different levels of your business, instantly. Inside Sales, Outside Sales, Technical Support, Admin, Accounting… Yes, all those people will benefit from the integration of a CRM system. And this will also be on all kinds of devices. Most software solutions work on Computers (not relying on any specific operating system), Tablets, Smart Phones. You will not need to synchronize anything, as all the CRM systems are cloud based.

The term “cloud computing” is everywhere. In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive.

Integration between systems

The beautiful side of technology is gathering data, and for this you need your different applications to communicate one with another, and setup automatisation strategies and integration between your:

When you have reached this, you will gain the most precious thing in life. TIME.

How we do get involved.


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