WordPress VS Wix

March 4, 2018

When choosing a CMS (Content Management System), there are a few questions to ask yourself. In this article, we will go between Wix and WordPress.

Throughout history, people have had opinions, preferences and this is on all kinds of subjects, political and others.

Wix advantages

From the little bit of knowledge I acquired on wix, it seems to be a very easy to setup module. It allows to create a visually pleasing website with a few clicks. Drag and Drop functionality is a key part of Wix, you need to know how to code to get something going. For technical support, Wix allows you to get all your support from a single source, which gives you technically a single interlocutor. When it comes to updates, Wix provides you with automatic updates.

WordPress Advantages

WordPress provides you with the #1 CMS in the world… Yes, at the time this article is written, 29% of the web is powered by wordpress. From your uncle’s recipe blog (In French), to Sony Music, all types of websites use WordPress, meaning it can be extended very far and you can unleash its power. You can download over 45,000 plugins available which means a lot of different solutions available. WordPress websites are not restricted to be hosted on wordpress.com. You can choose your own hosting solution, therefore freedom to migrate servers that will provide you with different levels of performance. There is also a large collection of plugins available to either download or purchase. You can find a lot of the higher end themes asFreemium versions. Freemium is when you can freely download a limited version of the theme.

Wix Limitations

As I was mentioning in the paragraph above, Wix has to use their own servers. The performance of your website will suffer from this at some point. According to this, you do not own your site. Site ownership is very important, you want to be in control of what you invest your time and money in. Wix has some functionalities, but you will find yourself limited by those. There are a lot of things you want to happen, that in the end will not be possible.

WordPress Limitations

WordPress can be a little overwhelming for some at first, yes the interface is not drag and drop. Sometimes you might need a little bit of coding. And more or less, I would really recommend having a developer assist you with the setup of your website. On the other hand, having someone to assist you during the creation of your website can be key. You have your own expertise, and web developers have theirs. Let those guys do the rough work, and they will teach, and coach you accordingly how to maintain and update your site by yourself.

Final Verdict

If you want something with very basic functionalities that you can create yourself with no budget, then go for Wix. If you want a website that can grow alongside your business and bring your business to the next level, then WordPress will be your choice. We have been assisting numerous clients that did Wix websites. When they hit the limitations, we were able to get them to go back on a growth path by developing a new platform on wordpress for them. Are you on Wix at the moment, contact us to see the possibilities that are just ahead of you.

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Note: We are working in developing wordpress websites, and have been using wordpress for over ten years. This means we can be perceived as opinionated. But with 17 years of success stories in the web world, we seem to believe that we have knowledge that can be helpful to you.

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