North Shore Design: Case Study

January 27, 2018

Client: North Shore Design

North Shore Design has been working with The X Concept for their website needs for over twelve years. North Shore Design is a family owned and operated contractor located on the island of Maui, HI. Founder Pierre Noireaux met The X Concept’s CEO Charles Oreve on a beach in Hawaii… Sounds like a good way to have a business meeting, doesn’t it?

First website that was ever created for North Shore Design was all custom coded twelve years ago. Back in those days, the creation process was more lengthy than it is nowadays and the functionalities not as developed. However this website served its purpose with regular updates for a certain amount of time.

North shore design Website Revamp

Three years ago, Pierre Noireaux came back to Charles to create a new version of his website and modernize his web presence.

“When Pierre came back to me to develop a new website for him, I made sure to use a content management system so we could start taking care of content marketing and gathering some data about his visitors, which was not the case in the previous website. I suggested to him the WordPress CMS and he was convinced on how the industry leading CMS was matching his needs.”

Alongside his new website, we worked with a responsive theme, and optimized the visibility of his website on mobile phones. After keeping this first theme for three years), we did a re-skinning of the said theme in 2018 to make the website even more modern. All pages and posts are SEO optimized to make sure he has a competitive market edge with other larger construction companies.

Testimonials are very important in this industry, so it was very important to feature those right on the homepage. Referral business being key on a niche market like this one.

What they had to say about our services:

“I have been working with Charles for over 15 years, and it is still a pleasure to work with him. Always available to answer your questions, he has great vision, is fast and efficient. I cannot recommend him enough.” Pierre Noireaux, Founder of North Shore Design

You can find North Shore Design’s website or Facebook Page.

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