Aloha Bars Maui: Case Study

January 30, 2018

Client: Aloha Bars Maui

Aloha Bars Maui and The X Concept have been collaborating for over 5 years. From the early days of the company launching its services of mobile bar service for the wedding industry in Hawaii. The X Concept created Aloha Bars Maui’s marketing materials. We created their logo, designed their first ad for the Maui Film Festival, their business cards and Polo shirts.¬†Aloha Bars Maui was officially in business.

For budget reasons, the founder and her business partner decided to build their first website themselves, and it worked out quite well for them. Everything was working fine until the day their website was hacked and some malware crippled their database. This when they turned to The X Concept to put away the fire.

“When I first got a hold of Aloha Bars Maui’s website, I saw they got hacked and had some malware that disabled their site from functioning. My first goal was to do a backup of what they had, even though it was infected. Then I went ahead and fixed it. It didn’t take me too long to fix the whole site. Some MySQL cleanup as well as a fresh install of wordpress did the trick. It could have all been prevented. Then the founder and I talked about redesign and figuring out what their website could really do for her business.”

Aloha Bars Maui

Aloha Bars Maui Website Redesign

We started with the redesign, and therefore optimized their current WordPress content. Developing a new version of the site optimized for mobile browsing, and for social media and content marketing optimization. This new site is helping brides and grooms select services

We then developed automated Social Media posting of their content marketing articles, email marketing signups and newsletters. Optimization of B2B (Coordinators) and B2C (Brides and Grooms) communications. Content to maximize clarification with those two types of business models.

Different styles of bars for different weddings. All their bars are hand built by local craftsmen.

Specialty designed cocktails for the bride and grooms to choose from.

Gallery display of some of their installs at different weddings throughout Maui.

Some of the corporate accolades they have received and a presentation video.

What they had to say about our services:

“Innovative personalized service! And Fast! I have mutiple businesses ,marketing design and reinvention that Charles is creating with me…he goes above and beyond!” Kirsty Sinclair, Founder of Aloha Bars Maui


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