Oby Foto: Case Study

January 13, 2018

Client: Oby Foto

Started collaborating with Oby Foto’s owner – Obaid Hofiani – some time ago on some other projects. He was starting some inspirational and motivation venture to tell people about his journey. Few years passed by and Obaid is now stepping forward and putting his photography business in the forefront of his activities.

Obaid started by having a website, wordpress based, developed by one of his friends to save some money, and he soon realized, that even though everything was done properly, it was very hard for him to update the website himself. He then went to Charles, after a photoshoot with him to talk about optimizing his website and make it more user friendly for him and for his clients.

Oby Foto Website Design

“When Obaid came to me, I knew for a fact that he didn’t have much time on his hands, between his professional life and his personal life, he does have a lot going on. The key for me was to develop something that was time efficient for him, and straight to the point for his clients. Simplifying your offer will maximize your demand.”

oby foto

“The key for a lot of smaller business, and smaller operations is to be able to update their content themselves. Social media networks taking such an important part of communications strategies. Automating those publications back and forth with the website is key. It has to be easy for the operators to be able to do it themselves.”

Oby Foto

Within the span of a few days, Obaid had all the cards in his hands. A wordpress website he could handle, update and start to monetize from. He even got a client within the first week because of it.

  • If you invest money, and you loose it, you can always make more
  • When you lose clients, you can always find new ones
  • If you lose time, you can never get it back

Obaid learned the hard way that you always get what you pay for.

Oby Foto

What he had to say about our services.

“The X Concept and the man behind the company, Charles, is a pleasure to work with. His years of experience in marketing and design combined with his eagerness to fulfill your vision made it easy for me to choose him to work on my photography business. He’s professional but personable, diligent and delightful. I can’t recommend him enough. Thank you helping me realize my dream!” Obaid Hofiani, Founder of Oby Foto

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