La Jolla Optiks: Case Study

January 2, 2018

Client: La Jolla Optiks

La Jolla Optiks started over 35 years ago by Dr Colin Bernstein O.D. in La Jolla California. After an eye exam, Dr Bernstein and Charles Oreve had a talk about the practice online presence. Dr Bernstein did not update his website for the past seven years. Therefore, the address present on his website, and Google did not match with his current practice address. This made difficult to patients to find the office.

First of all, after a first redesign in 2016, Dr Bernstein and Charles, started working on the implementation of Uprise, an EHR and Practice Management system developed specifically for the Optometry industry.

La Jolla Optiks

“Putting the practice with a current web interface that works on mobile was a priority. The practice’s image had to be refreshed after many years and not using any specific identity. There are a lot of optometrists in San Diego, La Jolla. Dr Bernstein is a specialist with Contact lenses and specific conditions like Keratoconus, Scleral lenses and more. His specialties are his strength. He is a nationally recognized expert in his field.”

La Jolla Optiks Website

The X Concept developed a WordPress base interface, to maximize compatibility as well as ease of update and potential system integration. Listing Dr Bernstein on Google Businesses increased his intake of new patients through online channels.

La Jolla Optiks

We also added a content marketing module, broadcasting informational content to Facebook rather than solely on the website. Social Media presence is key for all businesses and practices. It expands reach to new digital channel through content.

La Jolla Optiks

Now you can also have access to the Uprise Patient Portal through their website, as well as the 4PatientCare appointment scheduler that will allow Dr Bernstein to speed up his appointment taking as well as his practice management and EHR (Electronic Health Records) implementation for his patients.

Finally, you can visit La Jolla Optiks at or on Facebook at

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