Oxygen Studio: Case Study

December 21, 2017

Client: Oxygen Studio

Two French Entrepreneurs, Karim and Bam landed in San Diego to develop Oxygen Studio. Oxygen is an Indoor Cycling and Yoga studio. They contracted an agency to take care of their digital strategy.

That agency convinced them that a Squarespace website was the best solution for them, and with the integration with Zingfit, which is the reservations and CRM they use. Zingfit is the leader for Indoor Cycling applications.

After a few months, they realized that what got built, was not working for “them”. They consulted with The X Concept’s CEO, Charles Oreve.

“I clarified their needs see what values they wanted to broadcast, what goals they were trying to achieve, listening to them was key. I was not going to develop something and convince them it’s what they needed, we looked up what we could do for them to achieve their goals.”

Oxygen Studio – WordPress

“I tend to tell my clients to consider WordPress as a CMS, it’s powering 28% of websites worldwide, usually a good indicator. It is a very powerful engine, and can do a lot of what most SMB owners look for. Also it’s quite easy for me to train employees to maintain and update the website, therefore reducing recurring costs.”

oxygen studio

Business owners like having complete control of their solutions and this is what we bring to them. Something visually pleasing, with all the features they need, but simplifying the offer by removing everything they do not need, and they won’t be able to maintain.

oxygen studio

Fast forward a couple weeks after original meeting, Oxygen Studio now has a new look and feel, you can see throughout this post, new features, and is now maximizing its presence on social media organically.

Here is what they had to say about us:

“Amazing job in a very short time.┬áThank you so much!” Bam Cly

“Charles did an amazing job on the website for our new indoor cycling studio! In such a short time, he was able to create a website for Oxygen Studio with a new look and feel including new features.

With The X Concept’s help, we have also been able to maximize our presence on social media organically as well.

Charles is available whenever we have questions about our new website and very efficient and professional. Thank you so much, we are totally satisfied!” Kayla Jimenez

Oxygen Studio

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