Biotech, why is your marketing important?

November 16, 2017

Over the past year, The X Concept has been working with several biotech companies, taking care of their marketing strategies, tactics and execution.

Biotech is technical, we get it

Like most life sciences, biotech is a very technical domain. After talking with numerous C-Level executives, scientists, trying to explain to me what their company was doing, I noticed they went technical, very fast.

I’m not a scientist, didn’t study biotech, chemistry or any specific scientific subject, so to tell you the truth, I understood “some of it”, but definitely not all.

Different targets

Depending on which biotech sector your company is in you have at least two or three targets.

B2B Clients

Most organizations in life sciences are targeting a B2B market through healthcare professionals, who will know what you are talking about. You can go technical, precise, and showcase your expertise and your technological advance with your USP (Unique Selling Point).

B2C Clients

In some cases, your website will be visited by patients. Yes, with the internet being an information highway, most people will look on the internet after receiving a diagnostic. Those people will be gathering as much information as they can to reassure themselves of their condition and how it is treatable. They will, then, showcase their research to their medical professionals and act as your salesperson towards the B2B Client. They are looking for easy to understand information, and to ask themselves the right questions that your organisation answers.


Investors and Business Angels are a key component of biotech and research organizations, they are the ones that will make your endeavor, project, research possible. Partners will provide you access to a network, a technology, resources that you did not have access to until now, and that will provide a real boost to your advancement. They are looking for facts, key numbers and ROI based information.

Areas of Marketing Focus


Your organisation’s branding is key with all three targets listed above, the image your company will showcase might not be a deciding factor on doing business, but it will definitely get your visitors to remember you, what you do and generate awareness. This could be your logo, that has impact and a modern image, your website, with an easy to navigate interface, striking visuals that convey your valors… It is actually all of the above. A strong identity will put you ahead of the pack.

Case Study: Farbridge Pharma Consulting is a newly formed organization, CEO Stephanie Verbrugghe came to us to design a logo for them. Quality Assurance using PDCA principles, represented by the Deming Wheel, integrating this element in their logo was key. We also integrated a gear within their logo to showcase the step by step process. The last part of their logo in the center of it all is a neuron.

farbridge pharma

Traffic Generation

Websites need maintenance, upkeep and content creation and curation on a very regular basis. Now when you don’t have a team dedicated to take care of this, it can definitely go on the back burner. We are working with an automated process that combines Content Marketing, Multi Channel Social Media Marketing, and SEO all in one step. Therefore simplifying the processes, reducing the time spent on each channel, and maximizing results.

Case Study: For one of our clients in the Neuroscience field, after 60 days and bi weekly updates (B2B communications), we saw an augmentation of 26% of the amount of visitors as well as a 47% raise on the amount of page views throughout their website.

Conversion Techniques

This applies to all types of businesses, but with three distinct lead targets, the conversion and objectives are are different for each target, developing landing pages and conversion paths developed throughout the interface on your website will get the visitors to become leads in a much more efficient way. These techniques will maximize the results and make your conversion techniques become more efficient. Qualification of said leads will be done further down the road. Bring them down through the bottom of the conversion funnels to get them to become clients.

E Commerce

As a B2B supplier, you can utilize e-commerce to maximize your sales strategy. However, with a lot of products in the life sciences industry, the purchasing of said items needs qualification and compliance.

Case Study: In October 2017, one of our clients in Neuropathy, had serious E-Commerce issues with their database. We ended up fixing up their E-Commerce solution that was built by another agency. After a couple years since development, and the technology shifting within the CMS (Content Management System) and E-Commerce engine. Their website was not functioning anymore, because the technology that was used was outdated from the beginning and not communicating with the core CMS Technology.

We had to cleanup their database of many fields that were interfering with regular data processing. After that, make sure their SSL was installed properly. It was not the case. We also added a secondary payment gateway. In the past month it is used more than the original payment gateway. Since then, everything has been working well. Could everything be optimized even more, sure. Would it take a complete redesign and redevelopment of their current website, unfortunately it does.

When you decide to use E-Commerce, choose your partners wisely. We have been delivering successful E-Commerce solutions for SMBs since 2003.

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