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April 30, 2020 0

Melissa Panzarini is a real estate agent in Texas. We collaborated with Melissa multiple times over the past ten years with multiple of her endeavors. When it became time to build an effective and efficient real estate website she turned to us.

We have set her up with a website powered by Showcase IDX. Melissa is located in Boerne, TX. Boerne is located an hour north of San Antonio, TX. Therefore she is with the San Antonio Board of Realtors (SABOR) when it comes to MLS. Showcase IDX recently added SABOR to their list of the MLS providers they cover. This is a real game changer for all San Antonio realtors.


Melissa Panzarini is an agent for the newly built JB Goodwin office in Boerne, TX. Our priority was to highlight the beauty of Hill Country while keeping the brand identity of JB Goodwin. Their color scheme is quite easily recognizable, and it is prompting immediate brand recognition. Having the Showcase search bar at the top of the website is the first thing the visitor sees, promoting the listings search from the header of the website.

Next when you start scrolling on her website, after a presentation is a little more of the services she offers while showcasing the beauty of Hill Country, TX. Visitors can go into details on those services by clicking on the images.

Melissa Panzarini’s SEO

Now we are getting into the heat of things with the properties page, that you can access by either clicking on the top menu, or by filling the search form we presented in the first slide. What makes Showcase IDX different is that it integrates the listings in your SEO. Yes, properties are actually working for your SEO – At the time I am writing this article, Google is recognizing 2872 valid pages on Melissa’s website – Source: Google Search Console. Before installing showcase IDX it was only 14 pages. Now it’s up to you to see if you want to rank on google or not.

The Properties interface is also very easy to navigate and provide great lead conversion tools. You can either use the Showcase IDX admin interface to look at the leads and their activity, or it integrates perfectly with FollowUp Boss or Liondesk with the premium package. We will configure everything for you to have all the tools in your hand as fast as possible.

Melissa Panzarini is specialized helping out of town buyers, she has a network of clients all around the country, and some of them have been buying secondary properties in Texas, as well as move to Boerne, TX for the comfort of life. She has been assisting them with their whole relocation process. This a unique skill that she wanted to put forward when we developed her website.

Blog and Social Media

This is Melissa Panzarini’s Blog, very easy for her to add articles and to update after minimal training, this is also what will drive Local and Hyperlocal SEO. Using the right keywords will assist Showcase IDX original SEO stream and will get you to climb up the rankings in your own local market. To supplement the SEO lead stream, we have supplied Melissa with a Linkedin company page, as well as a Facebook Page. The Blogs that she writes are broadcasted automatically on her Facebook page and her Linkedin profile. That way it develop two social traffic stream back to her website for maximum conversion.

When you post a property link from your website on social media, does it link back directly to your site? Does it go to the MLS engine, or a third party app…? If the second option is the case, you are losing leads every day.

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