Opportunities and how to handle them

April 20, 2020 0

At all times there are opportunities that are in front of you, and the way you handle them is how you live your life. Chasing opportunities would be potentially positive to some people, while others would not see it that way. Think about it for a second. It all depends how you run your life, and in this case, your business.

If you run your business with the primary outcome is to bring joy to your clients (in a B2C model), and to bring success to your clients (in a B2B model). Then in my book you are doing things right. Now if you see your personal schedule over your client’s one, then you are an opportunist. I’m not saying to give away your services, but enrichment has many more sides than economic. You have to provide your service or product at what it’s worth, no more, or no less. You will then develop trust.

When people trust you, they will recommend you. Then opportunities will show up in front of you. Now if you push yourself to create those opportunities, you are an opportunist. Looking to grow too fast, you are an opportunist. A lot of people Are looking at their personal agenda first. This is why I try to promote a slow and steady, organic growth.

We have seen this extremely fast growth during the “dot com boom”, and some hardship in the “dot com bust”. Then the next growth period was until the 2007 recession, and from the end of that recession until now and the current situation.

Opportunities in time of crisis

The difference between the aforementioned situations and the current time is that now we are dealing with a multi faceted crisis. The health crisis turning into an economic crisis is going to impact us in more than one way.

Opportunities are going to arise during this crisis. They are already arising actually. The business agility, pivoting to online strategies is something that will also help businesses in states of growth. It opens up new verticals, new channels, that were somewhat neglected by some industries until now.

Being nimble and flexible allows you to operate quick and dirty techniques to help with your survival, and the well being of your employees while you are transferring them to by the book.

Opportunities bring support

A proper opportunity requires hard work and constant work. Yes, there is a comment denominator in there. You will see “quick money” schemes left and right. I had a friend tell me she fell for a “loom scheme” because she was so bored due to confinement. Not really sure what it was, so I had to look it up, just to be invited by another friend to join one, answer was immediate… was a NO for me. I chose “B”. People talk continuously about making quick money, money without working, passive income. Those people are opportunists. No more no less to make a quick buck, or more, off of you. What you will get into is mostly a pyramid scheme… well disguised but still pyramidal, and this ladies and gentlemen is illegal.

Monthly Recurring Revenue v.s Passive Income

Monthly recurring revenue comes from subscriptions. Passive income comes from affiliations at different levels and whoever below you is doing the leg work. Until they are tired to do it. Then, they find someone to do it for them. The money goes back up the chain. This is for Opportunists.

How would you engage in opportunities without being an opportunist. I am looking forward to read your solutions and answers in the comments. Let’s see on what side of the fence it falls.

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