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January 7, 2020 0

In May 2019, I know it takes me a while to post case studies, I encountered the owner and marketing director of Kennedy Pest Control during a social event. We talked about their digital strategy and how it could evolve.

After proceeding to a detailed audit and a meeting, we decided to start rebuilding their website after the summer. Kennedy Pest Control had a website that was developed by a family member or Wix, and a big part of their communication strategy was through email marketing, they were using a mailchimp account.

Email Marketing for Kennedy Pest Control

After getting all their credentials, the first big task was to consolidate their Mailchimp account. The way they were setup, it was difficult to keep track of efficiency and have a functional email marketing database. Through consolidation efforts, we were able to consolidate their database by over 40% through removing duplicates and cleaning their contacts list. As you know the ESPs often charge by the size of the database. So we ended up saving them monthly expenses.

The second subject we worked on regarding their Email Marketing actions was automation. We talked about time management in previous articles, and this is a typical case. The way their email marketing campaigns were setup they were not using any automation. Automating most actions was the solution to maximize the efficiency of their strategy. As stated before, time is the only thing in the world we cannot get back. So Automating most tasks simplified their Marketing Director’s life greatly. She was able to be more efficient, and achieve better results in less time. Could it be the best of both worlds?

Next big step was to rebuild their website. So the Mailchimp results would not be in vain, that way we could maximize conversion post emailing.

Website Development

We converted their website content from Wix to a WordPress setup. We have done this so many times over the years as a lot of businesses see the limits of Wix and are looking for more. More features, more integrations, more efficiency… Also starting to develop Search Engine by having their website optimized and consistently ranking on the first page of google for the main search queries. With “geolocalized” service companies just like theirs is that the first sports are most of the time coveted by reputation marketing websites.

We took their branding and adapted the website design to it. They have been in business with for over 30 years, so there is no need to change when it comes to color palettes.

Kennedy Pest Control

The Turquoise and the orange are part of their logo and are used throughout their website as accent and alternative colors. Those colors to put a little bit of brightness and sunshine in your mind. When you think of it, you are crawling their website while pest might be crawling in your walls or under your house… So a little bit of sunshine is always appreciated isn’t it?

Kennedy Pest also have a mascot, and he is very cute. Bodhi is the owner’s golden retriever, and he is actually a big part of the business. So when your company has a very cute mascot just like him, he better get featured. Bodhi, than began his new career as Email Marketing model.

His efforts are to attract people to sign up for the newsletter, and it has been working really well indeed. They keep getting subscriptions from people who want to get inbound information about termite and pest control. Which provides us with the ideal solution to maximize engagement: Get a Golden Retriever!

Reputation Marketing

Reputation marketing is, and has been something that can be seen a double edge sword, meaning it has to be handled with care. We helped Kennedy Pest’s marketing director to regain full control of her Reputation Marketing. Depending in the type of business you are in, some people are more will to express criticism than satisfaction. We were able to assist the crew at Kennedy’s to manage “written aikido” with their reputation marketing accounts. Since then, they have been growing their reputation marketing by using engagement techniques. Getting positive reviews that will make the negative ones blend in the background. As those cannot disappear.

The omni channel strategy and tactics for Kennedy Pest control have taken a turn for the better. We provided the tools to be in complete control of them. The X Concept is appreciating their business. We were able to make them more efficient and in complete control of their digital actions.

Here is what their Marketing Director had to say:

Charles has a great knowledge in SEO best practices and has helped us to optimize our online marketing strategy. He is honest, prompt, and easy to work with! If you need social media, website design, or SEO help, look no further! I definitely recommend The X Concept.

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