Linkedin Invitations, They are Back!

November 6, 2019 0

In June 2019, I wrote a couple of articles regarding Linkedin Invitations, and those have been a steady source of organic visits on this website, nothing to complain about regarding this. Now a few weeks after they released the feature, and they published the first article, Linkedin removed the feature. Which had me write a second article showcasing the great results gathered as well as announcing that this feature had to be a beta developed by linkedin.

Now, lets fast forward five months of inactivity and the feature not being available. Then, suddenly, this morning… while working on Linkedin, found that IT IS BACK. Does it have anything to do with the newest Terminator being released or any other occasion.

Are Linkedin Company Page Invitations available to everyone?

Once again, the answer is “NO”… Or at least not at this time, I double checked with three clients (One has the possibility to place them, and two do not have the option), and it shows that the feature is available for certain profiles, not sure what the criteria is for the selection. Now go check your company page and check if you have the feature available. If you do, pop some bottles, and spend the rest of your day feeling special.

Are there limitations?

Last time around, I was able to invite my whole contact list in a matter of hours (as you had to click manually on each contact) and even if I consider myself a fast clicker… over 5K connections takes a while. Now this time around, Linkedin is worried about us spraining our “clicking fingers” and put a limit. Fifty invites per day is not much, but this is what they came up with. Or it is what it is at the moment that I write this article.

What can you do now?

Go to your Linkedin company page, go to the top right of your page under “Admin Tools”. If you see a pretty “NEW” badge in blue next to it, you’re IN. Then click away for your fifty daily invites. If you don’t see it, I guess it will come to your profile shortly. Just be patient, it will establish itself on your profile soon enough.

In the meantime, you can check The X Concept on Linkedin, as well as my personal profile.

Charles Oreve

C.E.O. – The X Concept

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