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July 16, 2019 1

Client tutorials are a big part of digital marketing activity. Explaining what you are doing to your clients is critical. If someone provides services for you, and you are paying for it, would you rather know what they are doing or not?

Some agencies perform tasks and leave you in the dark to avoid confusion, which is a fair point as a lot of technology is complicated. Now it can all be put in layman terms. I have been in this business for almost twenty years, technology has changed, a lot. Now let’s keep in mind as an agency owner, an account manager, a point of contact. You are there to educate your clients as much as you are there to perform tasks.

Developing a strategy

The first part is to draft a strategy. How would you summarize this. We have a starting point, you have a goal… To reach this goal, you will be create tactics that you will execute. The strategy is explaining what you are doing when it comes to tactics. You are laying down the large principles, the channels and the verticals. You don’t get into too much details, but enough so that your client has sufficient knowledge of what you are doing. He is paying for a suite of services, therefore he is entitled to see how everything is tied together.

Showcasing tactics

Explaining what you do when it comes to tactics is key. You are developing the lines of execution that you are performing. Behind this is how your roadmap will be taking place. You are creating an action plan that will take place with execution within channels and time. What happens, how it is happening, and how it can be emulated in the future.

Explaining what you are doing – Execution

This is a tougher one, as it is where the technical actions happen. Giving explanations could get lengthy and somewhat useless, or could be eye opening to the right person. The questions you have to ask yourself are: First of all, can the person I’m explaining this to can emulate what I am doing? Also, does this person have an interest in what I am doing? And to finish, does that person care in what I’m doing (process) or simply cares about the result.

Let’s put it simply, if there is at least one “no” in the questions above… I’m going to say that you better ask them so you don’t waste your time.

What I do: Explaining what I am doing

Yes, I like to explain the strategy and the tactics to my client. They are spending their marketing budget with me, so they are going to know what I do, and how I am going to do it. Would they want to perform those actions in the future (execution step) they can, but they have a strategy and tactics crafted by years of experience and recognized skills.

Business Model

Some agencies like retainers, some contracts over a certain period of time… I’m personally not into this, I have the confidence that I can provide services and results that will satisfy them. I then don’t need to lock them into anything. Everything is an open book, and clients always have the possibility to see where we stand and where we are going.

So yes, I have a very detailed personality, I will give you explanations through emails with bullet points that will provide you with actions that I am taking. As I said multiple times, I am not telling you what to do, but I would provide a point of view we can consider together.

This is why I am confident of the consistent satisfaction and praises come for a reason.

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