Prestashop vs Woocommerce – E-commerce

August 17, 2018

Lately a few European based companies have been using Prestashop. So it came in the discussions with clients regarding their E-commerce solutions. Just like Woocommerce, Prestashop is a open source solution. It provides non hosting captive E-commerce functionalities to online shopping platform.

We saw in numerous articles that you want to stay away from captive solutions. As you will not have control of all your files, your database and more. What is worth than not being in control… I’m not sure.

First of all, Woocommerce is not a standalone application but a plugin for WordPress. Meaning it’s based on a. robust structure provided by the most popular CMS in the world. Prestashop, on the other hand is a standalone application that requires a fresh install on a server. Meaning if you want to make your website evolve into E-Commerce, and you already have a wordpress website, you don’t have to start from scratch. This will get you to gain a lot of time. And in business time is more than money, it’s the only thing you will never get back.

So there’s the option of activating and deactivating the e-commerce features of your website, which allows you to start gathering potential leads and generating traffic while your e-commerce is getting built. This flexibility is always something to keep in mind, you can even remotely turn on and off the e-commerce features for your website in specific campaigns.


Woocommerce has a lot of very useful plugins, and you will say that Prestashop does as well, but still can’t compared. Out of all CMS websites, Prestashop only has 1.87% Market share while wordpress is at 51% (August 2018 – source Now take it that out of all of those wordpress, not all use woocommerce but still… So when a plugin developer is going to release versions of his plugin, in a capitalist world, he will target the version with most users first.

Search Engine Optimization

While Prestashop has some good SEO functionalities, it still doesn’t reach where Woocommerce stands. With the support of all WordPress’ numerous SEO optimization plugin, it can’t be compared.

Implementation and Support

Prestashop seems a little more complicated to install than woocommerce, but not by much… So we are not really worried about you figuring it out. When it comes to in house maintenance, you will easily find employees or interns with wordpress knowledge. For Prestashop, it will be a longer learning curve as your potential new hires might not be familiar with the interface.

Woocommerce or Prestashop

We are wordpress implementation specialists and we have done numerous Woocommerce solutions. So we have a preference for this system. Prestashop seems like a good alternative out of all the other offers.

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