Ambrogio15: Case Study

June 14, 2018

Client: Ambrogio15

You meet most clients on a professional level, and others that you meet on the personal levels and they become clients. This is the case, after being introduced to me by a common friend. Giacomo Pizzigoni, owner of Ambrogio15 invited me to a holiday dinner, this is the first time I tried his restaurant in Pacific Beach, San Diego, and their Pizza.

Pizza and Childhood

When you are born in France, Pizza is a meal that is almost as important as when you live in the United States. However, there is not New York Style Pizza, Chicago Style Pizza, Sicilian Pizza, California Pizza… There is one kind of Pizza, and it doesn’t taste like any of the above… So I figured out why, the pizza I grew up on was Milano Style Pizza, who knew, and that is the one I like the best… And now I found it. Anyway, thats a lot about pizza in the middle of a case study… But to say the least, I started going for dinner there quite often.

From Friendship to Client

After asking me what I did when we first met, I only knew Giacomo as a friend, and a restaurateur I had my habits at, yes I always order the same thing, and he came up to me asking me about his digital presence and his website. He disclosed to me that his business was expanding, with a second location opening in Little Italy, San Diego for the Summer, and with other plans of expansion. Giacomo also explained to me that he would like me to work on the second version of his website. That it will have to be able to be scalable with an expanding business and multiple locations. He finally told me he looked at my website and social media posts and said he like the way I was envisioning things for clients. Great, as I never mentioned anything about my work to him.

Ambrogio15 Digital Presence Study

Ambrogio15 had some great results with Social Media before I got in. They have over 11k followers on Instagram, Yelp reviews are through the roof. Most importantly, they are rated #1 restaurant in San Diego on Trip Advisor. A local agency did some Search Engine Optimization a couple years ago, which still yields a good amounts of daily visits. Finally the restaurant’s numbers are in constant growth month after month. This is always a good thing to stumble on. What we needed was to redesign an interface that would be scalable with the company. Then develop the image of the restaurant through mouth watering food photos and incorporate all this with great content.

Putting things into place

After our first meeting regarding the website, Giacomo and I decided about a photoshoot. We contacted my friend J Dixx that I collaborated with before on other projects. Jamie has a special bond with chefs as she did all the photos for many of the high end La Jolla restaurants, and she is also engaged to a chef. She did such a wonderful job capturing the food served by Ambrogio15. But also the ambiance of the restaurant including a few friends, pizzas and a few bottles of Chianti. That is when the development began.

Features and Imaging

Let’s look at the features of the new website. Before everything was on one page, which is great but will not work for multiple locations. Different concepts on different restaurants means different menus and we had to differentiate all this. From menus to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to include geo targeting to help with google searches. Using the photos as website backgrounds is making the website very visual, and makes my mouth water every time I look at it. On top of third party delivery services (like Doordash) and Reservations (Opentable), the owners want to have self hosted systems. For their new location a pickup order e-commerce setup is ready to use as soon as the restaurant opens.

Speed and Navigation

Speed is a big concern when visiting a website, and after running multiple tests and changing the hosting solution, the new website is loading twice as fast as the previous one. This maximizes the mobile aspect of the website. Also with direct links on the website, mobile users hardly have to use the menu to navigate through the pages.


The new location in Little Italy, which opens during the summer of 2018 has some requirements. They ask the multiple vendors present in their food hall (new trend in San Diego) to have a web application allowing people to order online. Two ways for us to develop this, either with a generic look from the POS System (Square) or implement it with the looks of the website through an E-Commerce platform linked to the payment gateway. You will discover this new feature as soon as the new location opens.

In the meantime, the content marketing posts  will be published automatically to social networks. This adds to the audience generation on the website. Instead of staying on the social network, visitors will now land on the website to continue their experience with all cards in hand. We recommend you to visit the Ambrogio website as well as the restaurant in Pacific Beach. From Pizza to Tiramisu everything is delightful.

Ambrogio15 grader

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