Why do you need a CMS?

May 25, 2018

We have written articles regarding all the major CMS solutions on the market, such as Joomla, Drupal, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, and I might even forgetting others… As well as Shopify for e-commerce. We have more coming up… Just need time to write those things between client’s projects.

First of all, not all of you might know what a CMS is… It’s ok, it’s stands for Content Management System. What a content management system does, it simplifies your life. Meaning, instead of having a web team on payroll, most of your team members might have the skills to be able to update your site and not know about it.

If you don’t have a CMS

I still see some websites for small businesses not using a CMS, and I can analyze by noticing two things. Either you simply love coding HTML or PHP, or you like to pay people to update your website. When you are a very large structure like Fortune 500 company and you have a dedicated web team, sure that’s fine. Now we are talking small or medium size businesses, you have team members, they are busy with their jobs. Some of them might even have a blog on the side for their hobbies.

WordPress as a CMS

When you talk about CMS, WordPress comes to mind automatically. its over 49% of the CMS websites using this platform, it is known as the reference. 30% of the websites across the world use wordpress as well – That’s 75 Millions of websites. Which with a little bit of math makes it that 67% of websites in the world use CMS. And that makes it 150 Million websites in the world using Content Management Systems.

Done with Math

After that little mathematic interlude, that allowed me to break a pen a paper for the first time in so many years, we will look into the use of CMS by 150 Million websites. This is a good reason for you to look into it. As getting your content updated can only bring good things to you. Curated content will help your SEO. That’s Search Engine Optimization, you know, just in case. It will also help traffic and audience generation if shared on the right communication channels, such as social networks. And this makes a big difference at the end of the day as you can get potential clients visiting your website. We are not talking about conversion yet, just getting people to get there.


Custom websites VS content Management

Can you do this with a regular website, sure. Is it going to cost you more as you will most likely need someone to do it for you, indeed. We are going to take the exemple of one of my clients. She, is a Generation X person, she knows how to use the internet, use PC and Macs, the office suite and check her emails. Ok, that sounds like a lot of people you know… Now, does she know how to code, use the adobe suite and other programs used by agencies. Definitely not. So you can have a better view of her skill levels.

Training and learning curve

Would have she been able to update a custom website, absolutely not, and with two one hour sessions of training, she was able to change information on static pages in wordpress, add content marketing posts on wordpress. She was able to generate posts that were automatically shared on social media because of an extension I installed for her. With this, she was able to teach some interns under her how to do it as well. One of their clients that she was posting content for just TRIPLED their contract this year compared to last year. I want to believe this had a part to play in it. 300% contract raise with no added recurring costs, I take that every day. With only two hours of training, therefore it’s worth it, trust me.

What to do next

I’m sure you have grown to love and hate the website that was custom coded for you, and converting to a CMS can seem cookie cutter for you, but trust me, if Microsoft News Center, Sony Music and the Walt Disney Company believe in it, why wouldn’t you.

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