WordPress VS Joomla

May 22, 2018

We have almost compared all major CMS to WordPress (Our CMS of choice), as well as one E-Commerce platform for the moment. Joomla, we didn’t go through that one yet. I always tend to think, and that is personal, that Joomla is fairly outdated. But it’s not the case, Joomla is still in constant development.

Now when you look at it, WordPress has 49% of the shares of the CMS and Joomla is at 6.3% right behind Drupal. There has to be a reason behind it, and we will look at it, and see why there is so much difference between those systems.

User Friendly – WordPress

Joomla is a powerful software, just like WordPress. It has complete data ownership and is not captive, just like wordpress. And is included on packages from major hosts as an automated install, just like wordpress. So why don’t more people use it. Even though it has a fantastic documentation, it is not popular for being user friendly. WordPress allows its users to manage their content with relative ease, Joomla doesn’t. We’ll leave it at that.

SEO – WordPress

Even though wordpress, with theme and features (and if not using AMP pages) is known to be slower to load than Joomla sites. Why, because there are more features, more requests and more plugins that can prove themselves useful. Some of those plugins are SEO plugins that are really effective, much more than the Joomla equivalent.

Security – Joomla

Yes, Joomla has better security than wordpress out of the “box”, and is less sensitive to attacks, and this is logical. If you are someone who develops malware (I still don’t understand why people do that…) you will want to acquire the widest target available. So why would would you waste your time reaching 6% of CMS websites instead of reaching 49%. WordPress has some great security plugins available, so nothing to worry about.

Customization – Joomla

Out of the box, once again Joomla will allow you to tweak your system to the slightest variation. WordPress has plugins for you to do the same thing in a more user friendly way. The difference will play on website loading speed and http requests. So Yes, the features are available but hard to access. Still gives the edge to the least popular CMS as we need to look at the effort right “out of the box”.

Flexibility – WordPress

WordPress with so many Themes and Plugins get back the title when it comes to the customization it lost during the previous round. The resources are bottomless and there are applications available to make your life easier no matter what your industry and your goal is.

Overall – WordPress

We get it, Joomla has some great features without the need of adding extensions to its core files, or at least not too many. Joomla is not user friendly and not allowing staff members to perform minor modifications and updates. WordPress will allow you to go keep up (not with the Kardashians…I had to, sorry) and post regular updates on your website, which will help with your SEO and your content marketing strategy.

What to do next

Let me guess, you have a website on Joomla at the moment, and you have a hard time updating it. You are dependent on your web developer or the agency you work with to proceed with minor modifications. You want to get better SEO on your website, making you more competitive than other businesses in your industry. This is simply why you landed on this article. SoYes, we recommend that you switch to wordpress. Our C.E.O. specializes in WordPress CMS based websites for over ten years with over 18 years of web development. This is not combined experience, that’s just him… So you can feel confident that we know what we are talking about and we are ready to help you migrate.

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