Generating more traffic

March 9, 2017

Generating traffic is key, it’s great to have a beautiful website but if no-one looks at it… It defeats the purpose.

There are multiple ways to generate traffic, however we won’t go through all of them in this article. Good news is you most likely won’t die of boredom or technical overload. You can segment it between categories, Organic or Paid.

Organic Traffic

Organic in this case doesn’t involve kale or lack of pesticides, it just means it’s traffic you are generating without using any specific ad budget.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

This is how well your website is noticed on search engines, it’s a combination of keywords located in your text, as well as the images, the links, and the description to make your website visible to search engine robots. Is it going to be working immediately? No… Is it worth it in the long run? Yes, definitely.


Content Marketing

Coming from days where people would build their websites then not update them for a whole year, we have seen the rise of content marketing. What does it mean? That wise the rise of blog posts and using the internet for news source, content has been a key to get visitors to check your website over and over, and if you are reading this post… It’s working, as you just generated traffic to my website. Thank you.

Social Media Marketing

Yeah, Social Media! Everyone loves social media, looking at people’s lives, what they do, what they eat, their kids, sunsets… But not only, in between those very interesting posts of every single one of your contacts, there are posts generated by companies, athletes, musicians. You want to be kept updated about a business, you will “like” their page on facebook, “follow” them on instagram… When you’ll deal with businesses, you will of course go to linkedin and “add” your prospective client or potential partner. Now the same goes to your customers, they will like you, follow you, add you and everything you post is key. You can either get them to stay on the said social media channel or try to attract them to your website.

Ok, that’s it for now, keep following these articles and you will learn more fairly soon. It gives you a little overview of what’s available to you… Now I am telling you that they can be combined into “one” process. You will save quite a bit of time.

This process has been saving our clients A LOT of time so they can focus on their expertise therefore developing their marketing operations on process efficiency.

Contact us and we’ll set you up.

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