Business Operations

January 23, 2017

We develop systems to maximize your business operations using processes based on efficiency.

How do I handle my leads?

You are getting a lot of new leads, that’s great. Now you need to do something about it. To accomplish those new communications you will need to do it efficiently so you don’t get buried in unruly amounts of work that will make your life miserable.

Business operations systems

From client relationship management, invoicing, accounting, communications. We help you integrate different systems that “talk to each other” and use cloud services to maximize your efficiency and ROI. A lot of desktop based tools are expensive to setup, and scalability is not really an option. Now with cloud based systems, your data is secure, protected in case of “computer crash”, multi platform and scalable for limited starting investment.

Customer relationship management

We know a lot about CRM, and a lot of different CRM systems (over ten of them), so if you are already using a system, there’s a good chance we know how to maximize it. Now if you are not using any CRM at the moment, we can definitely advise you on which one to choose according to your needs and wants.

Invoicing and Accounting

There are some great softwares around to manage invoicing and accounting. At the end of business year, wouldn’t it be easier to provide your CPA with a simple digital document instead of a stack of paper invoices… yes, we think that too. If you are selling hard goods online, our e-commerce systems also interacts with your invoicing, accounting software to manage your Inventory, so when your stock out of your “brick and mortar” store runs out, it also shows on your website. Saves you from sending apology emails to excited clients hoping to receive the product, issuing refunds and apologies.

Client Communication

Communicating with your clients is key, you can reach them by email periodically, and therefore nurture relationships and qualify their engagement through your conversion funnel – you can also communicate with them through text message, as well as streamlining your phone calls.

Sales Team communication

Communicating with your sales team and account managers is very important, getting them to have the right materials at all times became easier. A lot of people are quitting printed brochures and transferring to Ipads for on premises presentations. We have systems that will update tablet presentations in real time, so your team always has the latest and greatest tools on them. Regarding document and templates, with cloud based solutions, they are able to collaborate with documents and access to image banks very easily. Collaborating on projects has never been easier.

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