What are you wishing for 2019?

December 24, 2018

What are you wishing for 2019? There are a lot of things to wish for when it comes to business. More revenue, more profitability, an impact on your community. There are a lot fo things that can either be combined or exist by themselves

What are you wishing for 2019 for your business?

Your business has a lot of different facets. All of them are driven by ROI (Return on Investment), you can either invest capital, time or in most cases both. Relationships with your current clients are key, making sure you nurture leads and up your conversions.

Ok, so we got your objective downs, as they are quite common for profit generating businesses. Now how to achieve it is what we will be talking about after the holidays. Managing your time is one of the avenues to follow to maximize your efforts in the areas that need the most attention. Investing in what matters is also something that seems obvious to everyone but when you look at strategy and tactics there are some budget adjustments that can be made to maximize ROI. Last year, for a client, we were able to reduce their SEM budget by 95% while only losing 10% overall traffic. That made a difference in their monthly budget. After that assessment, we were able to recuperate their audience through other channels while keeping their advertising budget managed.

What are you wishing for 2019 on a personal level?

Alright, now that we looked at success and financial improvement on the business side, let’s look at something more personal. You and your business can be more active at the community, helping charities, with fundraisers, making an impact towards some people who need it. That involvement with organizations will allow you to maybe mentor people, assist others. And on top of helping them, you will feel good about yourself.

What are you wishing for 2019?

What can you do to make all this work?

Or even better, how can we assist you to make all of this work…

Work on your image

Does your company logo and website reflect the values and image you are looking for your company in 2019. We can help you develop a new branding strategies that will bring continuity with the current one.

Add more features to your website

Websites can bring some features that are very useful, such as automating content marketing towards social media networks, gathering email newsletter subscribers, lead conversion techniques, and all sorts of data analysis. THat’s of course not mentioning E-Commerce, could it be B2B or B2C we can incorporate different modules to maximize your sales and automate purchases to make your order processing easier.

Maximize your social media presence

Are your social media profiles strong? From using the proper hashtags on instagram posts to gather organic engagement and followers to developing an audience on Linkedin if you are in a B2B Strategy. Making sure your facebook profile is up to par and reaches the right people by using Paid Social campaigns, we would like to talk to you about this.

SEO and SEM strategies

You will receive email messages daily promising you first page and number one rankings all day long. Don’t hesitate to press on the delete button… Now look into a comprehensive strategy between SEO and SEM. Using the right keywords and the right techniques will keep your budget in check. As stated before, we were about to reduce one of our clients budget by 95% on SEM and having their traffic being sensibly similar.

Use professionals

Remember you always get what you pay for, some structures use outsourcing and/or interns and juniors to take care of tasks, now keep in mind that those tasks are capital for your business, and cannot be neglected. We provide ourselves on doing everything in house with highly experienced team members.

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