Kid Creole and the Coconuts: Case Study

February 6, 2018

Client: Kid Creole and the Coconuts

I’m sure a lot of you have heard of Kid Creole and the Coconuts, the Brit Award winning and Grammy nominated band that has been recording Platinum records since 1980.

The X Concept’s CEO, Charles Oreve got the chance to meet Kid Creole and Eva Tudor Jones in 2013. In 2016 They decided to revamp their website.

“Their website was an ancient version of wordpress with some external services linked to it, it hadn’t been updated for many years and that was hacked multiple times. Their previous webmaster didn’t see that the database was infected with so many fraudulent entries: 300.000 of them. I didn’t even notice that at first look either but when doing a server transfer, I noticed the MySQL database was way bigger than what it was supposed to be. I then did a complete cleanup and consolidated the entries to make sure the database was safe to use.”

WordPress is the most popular CMS, and is very susceptible to hacks, even if you install firewalls, anti malware and security suites it’s susceptible to be hacked at one point or another. This is why it’s very important to keep your plugins updated, that will reduce your risks.”

We kept the WordPress CMS and developed a new theme that is now more appropriate to mobile navigation and presents a more modern and visual interface.


The band is composed by Kid Creole, and Coconuts: Eva Tudor Jones was a coconut for 18 years and now is taking care of band management, needed to feature all the new coconuts on the website.

Events are key, as Kid Creole and the Coconuts are still actively touring all over the world, and that over 37 years after creating the band. We installed an event management platform that is compatible with social media integration.

We managed a new blog setup, that is synchronized with social media networks allowing the band to convert their social media visitors to gravitate back to their website therefore increasing traffic.

A band with 37 years history has a non exhaustive gallery filled with amazing memories.

We trained the band manager to update all sections of the website in a very limited number of hours making them autonomous in their website update activities.

You can visit their website and their Facebook page.

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