First Impression, how to make the right one

May 16, 2017

Making a first impression is key in business, as is what people will always remember you for. We are not only talking about how you express yourself, but also looks. In this article I will focus on “men”.

First Impression – the looks

People who tell you that you don’t judge a book by its cover are lying. When you are meeting a new prospect the way you look is very important. The person across from you will qualify you and judge you first by the way you look.

I personally tend to focus on making a strong first impression therefore establishing myself as an expert, solely by the way I look. For a man, the easiest way of broadcasting this is by wearing a suit and a tie. Now not every suit, and not every tie. Different suits, shirts and ties work for different people, there are a lot of details in there, and seeing a specialist is always a good idea. I provide those kinds of services, so please feel free to reach out for consultation.

Don’t neglect accessories

Having the right pair of shoes, and by that I mean the right shape, color and style (matching your suit), the right watch, and accessories such as belt, pocket square, cuff links etc… those things can set you a part the right way, but also the wrong way if the person facing you knows the codes.

Women wear makeup to enhance themselves

Most women spend countless minutes or hours to enhance themselves by doing their makeup and their hair, and what I’m saying is not judgmental, as I appreciate every effort made, so why would men don’t focus as much on that side of the appearance, having a relationship with your barber is really important, someone making sure that your hair is on point at all times, and put youon a schedule that will guarantee it. Skin Care is also very important, as it will help you look your best. The more effort you put on yourself, will show the effort you will put on anything else.

Do you want your client to perceive that you will neglect his interest as you are neglecting your own?

You only have one chance to make a good first impression.

In following articles I will get into details on some of the points above as well as exploring other facets of a first impression.

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