Facts VS Emotions

May 1, 2017

We have looked into the way to communicate with people, the decision making process and the difference between inspiring people rather than influencing them. Now let’s look at getting at how you deal with facts and emotions. Would you rather be looking at facts, or letting your emotions get the best of you?

Facts vs Emotions

Your key to have a positive professional life is based on facts and emotions. There is always different points of view when looking at a subject. Analyzing it, you can look at facts (numbers, proven exemples…) or you can look at it with emotions (how you feel about it). And as much you want to involve your personal thoughts and feelings in any decision making, facts are always the way to go.

Earthquake facts

You build a house, and you have two architects assessing it for earthquake resistance.

First architect tells you: “I have a report that similar houses resisted to an earthquake, as a result your family is safe.”

Second architect tells you: “I strongly feel your house will resist to an earthquake, seems like your family is safe”. They are talking to you about the same house however they presented you their findings two different ways. In the end, which one of those architects are you the most likely to trust?

I personally tend to trust the first architect with my family’s safety, he has some proven data and numbers supporting his claim. He is bringing facts to the table, in opposition the second architect is bringing emotions. Non tangible feelings, that are probably proving the same results but not convincing you in the same way.

Presenting ideas

You are presenting a project to either a colleague, a C-Level executive, a client… Are you going to present it the same way?

My answer is yes, showing proven facts, numbers that show a result is something you can settle your presentation on! In conclusion, facts will always bring a foundation to any presentation making it easier for your audience to understand it.

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