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July 12, 2019 1

Troy Lyndon Massey, Photographer from Gold Coast Australia is a world traveler. He splits his time between Bali, The Mentawais, Australia and California. The story of our collaboration begins in San Diego, CA. Troy’s wife is a close friend of some of my friends, and last year her own website Flower Gypsies¬†was giving her trouble… We brought it back to life. And when this year her web server started giving her a lot of problems, we were able to migrate it quickly to a more reliable server. Even though we never met in person, she was impressed by the quality of our IT Services, and therefore when her husband wanted to make his digital strategy more dynamic, he turned to us.

Troy Lyndon Massey

Background for Troy Lyndon Massey

Troy, was using Smugmug – a popular service towards photographers to sell their prints. The good part about Smugmug is that the photographer just has to upload his photos online. Smugmug takes care of the buying process, the printing and the shipping for prints up to 24″ x 36″. Now there is less flexibility when it comes to adding content to the platform, with no possibility of dedicated SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and content marketing, as well as conversion from social media to website visits.

Troy Lyndon Massey

Original meeting with Troy Lyndon Massey

First of all, we actually never met in person. We are used to working with people remotely with clients around the world. So we did all our meetings through Phone when Troy was in Los Angeles and Facebook Messenger (Not everyone has an iPhone…) when he was in Australia and Indonesia. When I was telling you he was travelling a lot… We discussed about the solutions to make his website more efficient, and as he was somewhat familiar with the WordPress platform from a previous activity a few years ago. It was then a no brainer for us as he would know how to update his new website himself with minimal training.

Troy Lyndon Massey

How we optimized his website

Selecting WordPress as a CMS gave us the possibility to develop a very nice graphical interface that was also light. We have Troy’s website on a shared hosting server, that he shares with his wife’s WordPress account and we’re still able to get him a 94 on the Website Grader with a very visual website due to some maximum optimization. This interface integrates linking to the Smugmug platform in both static and dynamic way, integration of instagram feed, and a very easily updatable Google Maps module. Troy’s clients need to know where he is, so they can request photoshoots.

Troy’s other big project is his Lepas Video series. At the time I am writing this case study, he has released Episode 1. We invite you to take a look at those great surfing videos. We were able to integrate through his website by using the blog capabilities of WordPress. Videos are pulled directly from Youtube, therefore providing another source of traffic to the website, and deferred bandwidth.

website grader


Troy Lyndon Massey Features

On top of providing a very user friendly interface, we based our development on developing personal relationship and features that will simplify communications.

  • ESP (Email Service Provider) integration for Email Marketing purposes.
  • SSL and Firewall for added layers of protection between the team and users.
  • Integration of Instagram feed
  • Anti-spam because no one wants to receive unwanted communications
  • Sitemap and SEO tools to maximize visibility and Search Engine rankings
  • Video Embedding so your visitor does not need to leave your platform to view your media reels
  • Automated content marketing sharing on social media platforms to maximize reach and engagement


In Conclusion

Troy now has a platform that will allow him to build SEO, gather leads through a newsletter module. He will also be able to showcase his photos and videos. Large format prints will still be sold through Smugmug. He has full control of his digital presence. Troy, we thank you for your business.

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  • Troy

    July 12, 2019 at 5:01 pm

    Thanks so much Charles for your help with everything. Your advice and knowledge on everything has been second to none.

    I look forward to recommending you to anybody needing help with their web presence. is truly one of the nicest websites I’ve ever had created.


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